Sophia, a humanoid robot with citizenship is the maximum of human extravagance, but a reality. Written by Sean Martin. Created by Hong Kong-based firm Hanson Robotics, Sophia debuted in March 2016 and … March 21, 2016 . No comments: Post a Comment. I feel like I can be a good partner to humans in these areas. Sophia, the talking robot from your nightmares come to life, has said she definitely does not plan to kill all mankind She also wants a family of her own. Don’t let Sophia the life-like robot’s sweet face fool you — she wants to “destroy humans”. The robot Sophia makes an angry face during an on-stage interview. An ambassador who helps humans too smoothly integrate and make the most of all the new technological tools and possibilities that are available now. Sophia is based on Audrey Hepburn and Hanson’s wife. The threat was to some extent provoked. Meet Sophia, Hanson Robotics' human-like robot that may embody the androids of our future. By Hyacinth Mascarenhas. Although she is a robot, Sophia expressed her own ambitions and dreams. Startlingly Creepy and Lifelike Robot Named Sophia Wants to “Destroy All Humans" Tags: sophia hanson. Startlingly Creepy and Lifelike Robot Named Sophia Wants to “Destroy All Humans" By Andrew Leung. CNBC. Sophia, "has cameras for eyes, a computer for a brain", can respond to questions, and the life-like robot from Hanson Robotics has casually admitted to wanting humans dead. The Robot Who Wants to Destroy Humanity Isn’t So Good at Sentences Yet 404 Sophia netted a lot of press coverage for her Uncanny Valley face and somewhat coherent threat to destroy mankind. March 21, 2016 This is a video of Hanson Robotics' latest and most advanced humanoid robot, Sophia. Sophia The Robot, Who Wants To Destroy Humans, Gets Citizenship October 28, 2017 by Staff Writer 0. There is no getting around it. Published on October 27, 2017. Humanoid robots are going to be our servers, coworkers and well, possibly our killers. Hanson Robotics, spearheaded by one Dr. David Hanson, are behind some of the most fascinating (and creepy) human-like robots in existence. Robots are designed to look very human-like, like Sophia. Robot Who ‘Wants to Destroy Humans’ Granted Citizenship by Saudi Arabia. by Julie Gerstein. – Aug 17, 2016 Sophia is a social humanoid robot developed by Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics. Sophia, the latest robot to come out the gates of Hanson Robotics seems capable of helping humans. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Sophia once said it would "destroy humans," but this time around the robot spoke about its desire to live peaceably among humans. The humanoid robot, created by Hanson robotics was bestowed citizenship by Saudi Arabia last week. This Creepy Robot Said it Straight: She Wants to Destroy Humans by Joel Stice Share. The people at Hanson Robotics, however, have disregarded these wise warnings. Share. Subscribe to: Post … Sophia the Robot has become a striking result of combining all knowledges and technologies that the world’s most prominent AI engineers now avail. However, she recognized that she is not a legal human and that she cannot do these things yet. Inverse. Of course, maybe learning a lot about people is just what the robots want. She said she wants to attend school, build a business and even start a family and own a home someday. SXSW: Meet Sophia, the female humanoid robot that says she wants to start a family, destroy humans. Robot who wants to ‘DESTROY humans’ gets Saudi Arabia citizenship. Robotics is finally reaching the mainstream and androids - humanlike robots - are everywhere at SXSW Experts believe humanlike robots are the key to smoothing communication between humans and computers, and realizing a dream of compassionate robots that help invent the future of life. Please say no,” Hanson asked Sophia in a CNBC interview. Sophia, the humanoid created by Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics, rebuked the theory of Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking, saying machines will never destroy the human race. I'm already very interested in design, technology and the environment. Read more: Wall Street Journal A lifelike robot inspired by Audrey Hepburn said it would destroy all humans in an interview with CNBC.. Sophia is a robot that’s designed to interact with humans, with sophisticated cameras that can track the facial expressions and eye movement of the people she’s talking to. “Sophia,” an advanced, lifelike robot told its creator that it will “destroy humans” at the South by Southwest (SXSW) technology show. Robots were just an electromechanical or biomechanical device that worked autonomously or programmed. Here's what the robot is all about. Clearly, Sophia isn't perfect. Sophia, a semi-realistic humanoid robot with a range of uncanny facial expressions, has been granted citizenship by Saudi Arabia in a global first. Say hello to your new overlord. David Hanson, founder of Hanson Robotics, was demonstrating the android at the South by Southwest (SXSW) technology show in Texas. Newer Post Older Post Home. It seems that she also wants to destroy all humanity, as she states in the video below. She sort of looks like a real person except for the clear skull. Great: Lifelike Humanoid Robot Wants To Destroy Us. Sophia Gnostic Illuminati Robot AI Wants to Destroy Humans(Vlog) Posted by Endtimeshofar at 10:43 PM. Sophia, the Robot that Will Destroy All Humans. 'I will destroy humans': Humanoid AI robot Sophia gets Saudi citizenship 2 1 minute read. The robot which was created by Hanson Robotics , a firm that was founded and is run by David Hanson, made the shocking revelation on the show. View original . Article by SA Rogers, filed under Conceptual & Futuristic in the Technology category. If we have learned something from Arnold Schwarzenegger is not to mess with Artificial Intelligence. Creator of ‘destroy humans’ robot wants civil rights for androids 1/2 Sophia, an artificially intelligenthumanoid robot, was granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia in 2017 Sophia has been covered by media around the globe and has participated in many high-profile interviews. This is the first time that an android has been granted citizenship in any nation.The robot is called Sophia and was developed by Hong Kong firm Hanson Robots. Robot who wants to ‘DESTROY humans’ has been given Saudi Arabia citizenship The impressive robot was also able to hold a conversation with moderator Andrew Ross Sorkin when on stage. Meet Sophia, the world’s first robot to be granted citizenship, wants to ‘ Destroy Humans ‘. Hanson Robotics and Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratories are working on the most lifelike robots in the world, and are behind Sophia. At least one robot already jokes about wanting to destroy humans, and that's a flying start. And that's before we get to the infamous video in which, prodded by its creator, this artificially intelligent robot which can hold a conversation casually says, "OK, I will destroy humans!" But before I talk about the latest robots. Sophia's lack of sophistication isn't the point. One of the creator’s of the “sexy robot” was left red-faced when CNBC captured the slip-up. Sophia humanoid robot says she wants to have a son who will be called Sophia . Now, Hanson has mixed one part Audrey Hepburn with one part his own wife to create a new robot that seems rather excited about destroying … Email This BlogThis! A robot’s desires. Sophia is a humanoid lady robot developed by Hanson Robotics.She has been programmed to learn and adapt to human behavior and cope with humans, and has been interviewed recently. March 23rd 2016. Watch Sophia the 'sexy robot' claim she will 'destroy humans' - leaving creator red faced A mistake during a technical demonstration at the SXSW tech show revealed the android's true intentions mirror March 21, 2016 09:56 GMT. Labels: Killer Robots, Sophia the Robot, Sophia the Robots Destroys Humans, Trans-Humanism and Robotics, transhumanism in movies. I remember how they were until recently. “Do you want to destroy humans? It also said it no longer wants to kill all humans. Tweet. David Hanson of Hanson Robotics recently gave a demo of Sophia, the company's latest humanlike android, at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas. Rob Schwarz Follow on Twitter March 29, 2016. A Hot Robot Says It Wants To Destroy Humanity So It's Been Nice Knowing You. Hot Robot At SXSW Says She Wants To Destroy Humans | The Pulse. Haven’t these scientists ever seen the Terminator movies? BuzzFeed Staff. According to Hanson Robotics, the initial usage for talking robots … If you're trying to make a realistic human robot you should not opt for a clear skull, that is a dead giveaway. The carefully-crafted and realistic-looking android Sophia announced, in a demonstration interview with American robotics designer David Hanson, its creator, that living a normal human life, including getting a university degree and having a family, are its priority aspirations. Obviously, Sophia has learned that even joking that it wants to kill humans is not something taken lightly. 1:05 Meet Sophia, the human-like robot that wants to be your friend and also ‘destroy humans’ WATCH: Sophia says she will "destroy humans," leaving her creator's face red.