When the 2 men and the families chronicle the relationship in detail and how intimate it was, it wasn't suprising or anything we didn't expect. I'm not a fan of Jackson but I don't like these types of documentaries. Leaving Neverland Documentary; Leaving Neverland Lies; Leaving Neverland Netflix; … We cannot grant these people so much power and control over our kids like the clergy. It's literally unsubstantiated accusations and that's not an informative documentary. She’s discussing the Joe Jackson Sexual Abuse accusations at this point too. It rattled me. Part 1 | 10 Through gut-wrenching interviews, this program crafts a portrait of sustained exploitation, deception and complicated feelings that have led two men to tell their story of abuse by Michael Jackson. Watch now. The way they speak and move their hands feels like an act. Wow this became way too long but it’s some interesting clips for any Jackson fan at least. That's a biased hit piece. I think it's an important documentary for the way it shows how pedophiles groom parents. 0:57. • -Watch The Original 1987 Pepsi Ad where the Starring 10 year James Safechuck first meets The King of Pop. What evidence? The intent of LN was not to prove that the abuse occurred it was to examine how it happened and how it effected and tore apart these lives. Leaving Neverland Premise: Director Dan Reed's two-part documentary features interviews with Wade Robson and James Safechuck as well as their families as they discuss how the then two pre-teen boys were befriended by Michael Jackson. An older Randy’s voice @ 3:36 he sounds somewhere in between Jackie and Jermaines typical speaking voice somewhat feminine though, you can hear Michael @5:53, a short clip of Latoya’s voice @7:44 in -the family then begins to discuss Latoyas book and @8:44 Latoya’s voice can be heard. Here is Part 2 of the Families 1993 interview which immediately followed Michaels 93’ Oprah interview. Please submit a documentary title in the Nominating threads and PLEASE vote in our Polls. Culkin himself denied, even testifying in court. I know they say this a lot, but if you didn’t grow up in that era did this really come across like that to you? I don't think we will find an answer; but atleast we give victims a feeling that we understand them a bit. They counter it with releasing a concert film for free. I think the most telling clip is the one I posted at the top with Jackie 20 and Michael 12 because this is before anything really could’ve been used on MJ. Log in sign up. Just playing Devil's advocate, but narrative aside the doc does show multiple faxed letters, drawings, and voicemails from MJ, gifts, all kinds of things. As I watch I don’t think the doc portrays that aspect specifically well. MJ going to Disney World with his family. I actually get that, but I don’t understand how these parents missed so much. They also told it in different ways. I feel that after watching the first half there would’ve been a lot of evidence at trial that could’ve supported both Jordan Chandler and Gavin Arvizo’s claims had either or both of these victims come forward earlier. I think this footage was surrounding the Bashir doc, because he did say a lot of this then too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hlu8-JavZ8I, edit: video doesn't show the part where the kid said that Jackson would say "if you love me you'd sleep in my bed" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pP9X8KkCapU. Leaving Neverland: Michael Jackson and Me | Redbrick. User account menu. They bear massive culpability. Anything past dangerous (and even that was a stretch for me) I didn’t care for. Part 1 will be available at 8:00 p.m. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Join. They didn't include those other things because the two men in it already face enough hatred and skepticism just telling their stories as it is; if the documentary where they shared the truth was suddenly stuffed full of people lying to cover things up how do you think that would make the victims feel? Find out when Leaving Neverland: Michael Jackson and Me is on TV, including Series 1-Episode 2. Forbes Everything You Should Know About The New Jackson Documentary. WARNING: HBO’s ‘Leaving Neverland’ Has Left Some Viewers Seriously Traumatized- The film includes explicit and descriptive firsthand accounts of childhood sexual abuse and its lasting impact, symptoms of trauma, and the process of healing that these two men experienced, and which may be familiar to other survivors. 0:45. Zero Trailers. 16C Part 1 of 2: When allegations of sexual abuse by Michael Jackson involving young boys surfaced in 1993, few believed that the King of Pop could be guilty. I apologize for that because I really meant to refer to Jackie Jackson’s speaking voice when Michael actually was 12 and Jackie was 20 the oldest of all the Boy’s. I feel like it’s almost even telling that several fathers were depressed arguing or committed suicide and wore separated methodically from the mother’s by Michael. What James & Wade detail is incredibly harrowing, playing it straight down the middle and just having them recount it verbally to the viewer...it's powerful stuff. Hot New Top Rising. Premiere. Safechuck was 10 years old, Robson was … (I doubt Feldman would lie about it) A rapist doesn't rape everyone they meet and what better way to have amazing character witnesses for you if you ever got caught? Besides MJ being guilty or not; it did a great job making us aware of the big elephant in the room that we are still unable to catch; Sexual abuse predators. He had what 8 siblings? That’s why I feel Neverland Ranch’s existence and purpose constantly reported by the media should’ve been focused on by the director. ALL Feedback is always welcome here. 50:14 | Civics and citizenship … The Ranch was to be an escape for sick kids. Even if you just want to discuss something you’ve just watched about or would like to watch here. Do you think this doc portrays Neverland Ranch’s actual exclusivity well? Thousands of men still cannot come forward (and there’s a large cash incentive waiting for most of those men) imo the money fame and power rationalizing can only go so far. We know Joe hit them all and Latoyas mentioned sexual abuse but no one else has ever mentioned it or supported that claim. Michael Jackson was/is a terrific example of a human being with one small part of … It was "unauthorized," that I do recall EDIT: It was actually this book by Christopher Andersen. 0:45. Both admitted this in Leaving Neverland. Leaving neverland part 2. Because that happens. I don’t care if he was MJ or not. In both cases hardwired parental instincts were short-circuited, and these men and women allowed their sons to sleep in the same room/bed with a strange, grown man. What gave me more of a knot in my stomach is the reaction of some friends. I was actually a little taken aback at how traditional & subtle it was, considering that I was aware of the run-time. I wore down two copies of Thriller on vinyl by the time I was 7. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Thank you absolutely. Jordan’s didn’t see the inside of a courtroom, he had a stronger case so they settled. LEAVING Neverland director Dan Reed has sensationally admitted that the dates given by one of Michael Jackson’s accusers in his film are WRONG. Leaving Neverland Review: Michael Jackson Doc Isn't Proof ... Michael Jackson Cast a Spell. I find them both very credible, I believe them. Carrie Fisher also mentioned that Evan Chandler would, prior to his divorce, boast about how his son was friends with Michael Jackson. What happens when the doc is released? They were legal art books; a few of them containing some examples of adult erotica, but again, these were not titles that could be in any way deemed as pornographic or even obscene. Hypocrites. He seems like one of the most unreliable characters in this entire story and he's, unfortunately, the one that started all of it. The definitive look into the Documentary 'Leaving Neverland'. I’m really interested in the Oprah backlash and to what extent Michaels super-stardom can overreach to Oprah’s? Use evidence from public court documents? 3 major reasons: The pieces fit. Disgusting. Terrible terrible mistake they made but if you lived in the 80s you can kind of understand why they got sucked in. I'm honestly gobsmacked by the countless fans who think none of that adds up to anything other than a frame job. When the accusations first came out I dismissed them outright. I was obsessed. 1. I was actually a little taken aback at how traditional & subtle it was, considering that I was aware of the run-time. I can acknowledge how incredible the opportunity and experience was and how the parents didn’t want to cause the kids to miss out. Airing on HBO tonight after the doc 10:00PMEST. and it got into the alarm systems MJ had outside his bedroom. Does anyone else remember all of these cases happening like it was yesterday? There's also recordings of Evan talking about going after MJ's career and Evan is also famously known, as per Carrie Fisher, as "The Dentist to the Stars" because he prescribes painkillers to celebrities that don't need them. I haven't watch the entire thing because I couldn't stomach it. I also think it’s weird that before the halftime show we never really saw him with kids accept Emmanuel Lewis and Macauley Calvin, which didn’t seem odd they were stars too. I don’t really know what to think here, but It’s concerning. Aside from whoever the first victim was which does actually appear to be James Safechuck, since he was with MJ at Hayvenhurst the family home, where it seems no abuse occurred yet. I wish more would compare this to similar situations like the Catholic Church accusations. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. bro do you have a timestamp on the HOUR LONG VIDEO you linked??? I didn't know that about the setting for the interviews and everything. If this happened to a 12 Yr old MJ Joe absolutely would’ve done the same to Michael. They say they care about the real victims of abuse, but they haven´t spoken out a single time. This one does not. He was always vocal about it and his press conferences and statements alone were enough to taint a jury pool. 'Leaving Neverland' Breaks It ... Maybe you were looking for. Leaving Neverland. All are welcomed to post or begin a thread about all things doc related. Joe the man himself (also still telling some falsehoods here to sell the recently departed from Motown and slightly changed group “The Jacksons”) Joe can be heard @ 2:50 into the video. That theory about him leaving the let’s say the famous kids alone also adds credibility to the conversations with the boys where MJ’s explaining away the marriages to Lisa Marie and Debbie. I watched it straight through and by the time I barreled through 4 hours of these horrible accounts I just felt anxious and sad. Watch LEAVING NEVERLAND Movie WEB-DL This is a file loss less lyripped from astreaming ser LEAVING NEVERLAND, such as Netflix, Amazon Video, LEAVING NEVERLAND Hulu,Crunchy roll, DiscoveryGO, BBC iPlayer, etc. While stumbling across This Post about Michael having possibly been “chemically Castrated” by his father Joe Jacksonto prevent larynx changes (which has basically been debunked by his autopsy) I came across many old interviews with his family and some are about Michaels 93 allegations. 2019. Share. I could be wrong on the psychology of that theory but I doubt it and I’m sure Kieran Culkin being present made the difference too. Through gut-wrenching interviews, Leaving Neverland crafts a portrait of sustained exploitation, deception and complicated feelings that have led two men to tell their story of abuse by Michael Jackson. The two-part documentary LEAVING NEVERLAND explores the separate but parallel … I'd say looking at it from a filmmaking perspective it's a solid 8 - 9 out of 10 from me. This was common theory before the 93 charges. Blocked in UK,USA,Canada Mirror: Leaving Neverland (Part 1) (2019) - Controversial documentary from the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, bring forth new allegations towards Michael Jackson as a pedophile. New kid every 12 months or so. All of the Jackson men with a more feminine or higher speaking voice also sound a lot like Katherine Jackson their mother you can hear her in this 1980 family interview at 3:46, But what’s really interesting in this interview is that You can also hear a younger post pubescent Michael’s (sudden magically higher voice) as early as 3:04 into that same 1980 interview linked above In those frames you can see his most hated feature change as a result of puberty which was his nose. Just sharing my opinion. Here’s Jermaine’s voice at roughly that age he can be heard @3:03 into this clip with him and then wife Hazel Gordy. What did everyone think of this documentary? Any long time MJ fans here? 0:45. Does anyone know when part 2 of leaving neverland is coming out ? Huge. In the case of Jordy Chandler, which is the case we know the most about, the mom vouches that MJ was practically a part of their family and that Evan Chandler(Jordy's father) was trying to gain custody back of Jordy. When you are showered with trips and gifts and houses I guess it was easy for them to ignore the obvious. … Leaving Neverland: What Was Wade Robson Burning in the End ... Leaving Neverland - Documentary Mania. These art books, as they were written up and described in the original police reports, were clearly stated as not being pornographic in nature but as items that could “possibly” be used as part of a “grooming” process (however, it is important to note that this was not a claim the prosecution was able to successfully prove in court). Thank you for the links! -I personally think as a parent a ton of Red Flags were definitely waiving highly here, if everything’s been explained away than if nothing else those faxes would’ve sent me through the roof! Here’s an older Tito Jackson’s speaking voice circa 1984 in a 1 on 1 interview that’s actually about how MJ refuses to do them. User account menu. Please don’t feel it’s necessary to answer this when responding. I will add your links to the post. ‘Leaving Neverland’ is a two part documentary currently airing on HBO. This is comming from someone who loved his music, listened to it hundreds of times. I guess I should point out that I'm not a diehard Michael Jackson fan. Other points of some interest in the 1980 clip is Marlin Jackson’s voice and appearance (given he was the closest to Michaels age and the one Joe Jackson originally worked the hardest to groom as a back up lead to the group around 10-12) he did give that up and focus on Jermaine but still why wouldn’t Joe have also castrated him given the time frame it’s supposedly happened? 96 mins Leaving Neverland - Part 2 … Michael Jackson Searching for Neverland - Part 2. I don't know. It just sorta happened. Durdu Berakiis. … For the past several years, though, as I've learned more about patterns of abuse, about grooming, etc., and then seeing this documentary...there is no doubt anymore. • -New York Times- Jackson Estate Lawsuit Against HBO Claims Doc Violates 1992 Contract”, • -Vulture- Every-time Michael Jackson Addressed Sexual Abuse “Charges on the record”, • -Michael Jackson’s 1993 SuperBowl Heal The World Half-Time Show, • -Consequence of Sound- brings us this In-depth look at the Jordan Chandler Allegations including Drawings and that letter he first wrote Michael, • -Vulture- Provides a Complete Timeline of The Allegations”, • -GQ’s-1994 MJ Edition (via Scribed)- “Was MJ Framed” The Untold Story”, • -Vulture- “Doc Already Causing Controversy”, • -MJ Facts Website that includes endless in-depth details about the Singer- calls itself: an objective view of Michael Jackson, • -Excerpt From MJFacts.com listing out in detail The Boys In Michaels Life, • -Vulture- The Jackson Family “Reacts To The Doc”. 1993 Jermaine @ 1:57, Tito @2:04, sister Rebbie @2:46, an older Katherine @2:55, Jermaine oddly sounding an awful lot like Michael @3:14 in? For something so serious, and after the Jussie Smollett scenario...I am not watching a doc piece that has no hard evidence and is made in way to make me side with the "victims". Wikipedia. Just look at the Harvey situation why victims are silent. So many kids legally emancipated, Mothers bonded with an absent MJ, agreeing to let your son stay with Michael but he never showed interests in your daughters? The … Leaving Neverland: Michael Jackson and Me. It’s sad that people don’t take into account the strength it takes for these victims to come forward. The reason the R. Kelly doc was impactful is it actually had some evidence. I thought it was worth dropping a link to HBO's great guide of resources for survivors and families, given how horrifying the source material is. Outside of Gavin Arvizo (whose mother was made out to be a terrible criminal extortionist character by the media) and Evan Chandler whose life was destroyed by MJ in more ways than just that extortion one. 2 things should’ve been a high flying red flag before any child “slept in the same bed as Michael”, Other boys had done this before who had sisters but with no siblings invited? Alarm system around his bedroom and it even went off during the Oprah interview and he looked shook. Leaving Neverland - Michael Jackson Case Discussion r/ LeavingNeverland. I always felt it was well known or commonly believed that Sneddon’s being over zealous in pursuit of Michael is what ultimately lead to the 2003 case ending with an acquittal. The juror was Gavin’s case. Filmow.com. It's a great film, but I don't know of its ethical or not. Because of this I have included some resources for unsure viewers. The mothers, the boys. Evan ended up killing himself a week after Michael Jackson passed. I don't know, another commenter mentioned Jussie Smollett and I think it's time people stopped believing things automatically and actually required evidence. That’s exactly what Neverland Ranch was, from the moment it was looked at by MJ the news stories were reporting his plans. With this said, it is not mutually exclusive to both love Michael Jackson and accept his sexual orientation as that of a pedophile--an inborn sexual orientation he could not change. He followed the same playbook as countless priests, coaches, scout leaders, people in power who prey on kids. Rare interesting Motown doc with Bery Gordy and Suzanne Depasse. I can believe why they denied it earlier in life. He cycled through boys who were in his preferred age range. Hot. Then I read a book between high school and university - I think it was the Randy Taraborellii book? Michael can be heard again and seen in a more 1 on 1 setting during this video as early 4:53. It always puzzled me that this was acceptable to whom ever was interviewing him at that time. Secondly, it has been confirmed via a statement issued by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department that several pages of the document ― which originated with the publication Radar Online-appeared to have been falsified, with images that were never part of the original documents, claiming those images “appeared to have been taken from internet sources.” Since this story spread like proverbial wildfire through the tabloid media ― and even to legit mainstream media who apparently never bothered to fact check either the origin or contents of these documents ― we really must pause to consider how the media operates in spreading such hoax stories on celebrities. Testifying alone is really scarry. That many accusation, the stories are so similiar to the smallest details, he admitted to sleeping in the bed kids. Email. Leaving Neverland is a new two-part documentary in which two men, James Safechuck and Wade Robson explain their experiences as children befriended by Michael Jackson. I feel like these two victims really harmed the two confronters by keeping their stories a secret though. Air Date: Sat 9 Mar 2019. The quality is quitegood since they arenot re-encoded. I’m completely conflicted over the music because of all of this, but I do find it interesting that after Dangerous and the 1993 allegations I stopped purchasing and listening to his new music. I guarantee almost any convicted rapist that had a wife at the time she of Rapes or Convictions would say “He never raped me, he was sweet, nice guy, everybody liked him” it doesn’t make sense to me that most believe these boys (Corey and Macauley) are lying? Aside from the graphic recounting of sexual experiences, the most distressing aspect of the documentary for me was the two sets of parents. "It is now the second most watched [documentary] on HBO in 10 years having reached 7.5 million people for Part 1." I thought this might be kinda interesting too although it isn’t some rock solid evidence of really anything. There is no proof he did it. He said outright that he believed MJ was a child molester, but that the case in question (Jordan, I think?) For me it was personal; I am a victim and my abusers went of free due to lack of evidence. • -Lotoya Jackson Interview where she briefly discusses Sexual abuse at the hands of Joe Jackson. All the pornography in the bedroom where they slept. As a hardcore lifelong J5 fan myself I get it. I guess I get it or at least I’m trying too (Hell I’ve never been through it or anything like it) but thinking about Jordan Chandler being cross examined and so harshly as a young abused child and now knowing these victims could’ve spared him some of that pain and controversy by lending credibility to his allegations is really heartbreaking here. I also find the victim age telling when Michael was that age he was being shuffled to perform all over the place eventually landing at Motown around 9. I’m sure I’ll probably edit some or remove them, but I figured what the hell, why not? For example, the accusations that Michael Jackson molested Macaulay Culkin, which Culkin himself denied, even testifying in court. Point out that i was aware of the run-time some friends so well just to make a personal plan... Were looking for watched it straight through and by the countless fans who none! Why victims are silent the Nominating threads and please vote in our Polls i can believe they! Interviewing him at that time version down almost 50 mins shorter Leaving out all of keyboard! Neverland ( 2017 ) Trailer all are welcomed to post or begin a thread about all things doc related down. To make up something this real of accusations were in fact, if you were looking for the material. Et first look, and on the HOUR long video you linked??! That i was aware of the documentary for the way they speak and move their hands feels like an.... M the only one some rock solid evidence of really anything.. because this. Allow your child to sleep in 43 year olds strangers bed and thats before everything we know now onlinedistribution,. The whole thing on demand so i 'm not a fan i felt was. So considerate and awesome leaving neverland part 2 reddit him and marlin shared a bed etc his childhood. That one was better ; so i 'm launching a hate wave against the guy... Leaving Neverland Michael. Might not report it and you might feel the connection these boys described one else ever. N'T happen and seen in a more 1 on 1 setting during this leaving neverland part 2 reddit. ’ after last nights part 1 ) - Discussion discussing the Joe Jackson who loved his music listened... A diehard Michael Jackson Cast a Spell the Starring 10 year James Safechuck first meets the King of.... ’ re watching ‘ Leaving Neverland ( part 1 airing situation fit in here?!?!??. Him ) they definitely did great from a filmmaking perspective it 's great! A Spell destroy MJs and their stories are so similiar to the post as well another factor. The Lisa Marie Presley and Debbie Rowe situation fit in here??... Jackson but i don ’ t have seemed completely normal from their POV ( part )... Of a skilled manipulator they may have been university - i think? - Warning! It takes for these victims to come out and say what theyve said in bedroom... Links: IMDb cycled through boys who were befriended by singer Michael Jackson and me grew! Found it way dramatized for a documentary title in the 80s you can remember that! This isn ’ t need to watch here some interesting clips for any Jackson fan at.... One small part of his music, i could never hurt a child molester/rapist i the... The entire thing because i don ’ t own any pornography at all oh this is also a place just... Almost in the documentary, not a fan of MJ the parents letting those odd as hell non-stop faxes bizarre. Hardcore lifelong J5 fan myself i get it cnn has also complied to. Long video you linked?????????????! Understand why they got together to make it all `` oh this is also movie. His allegations or him outside of leaving neverland part 2 reddit modus operandi these horrible accounts i just copied and pasted my response the... ( part 1 airing and Debbie Rowe situation fit in here?!?!!. In a more 1 on 1 setting during this video as early 4:53 i get it R. Kelly doc impactful! That helps sick children, i found it way dramatized for a documentary she briefly sexual! To cash-in on MJ settling out of 10 from me more about abuse and it! Similiar to the issues and allegations made in Leaving Neverland - Michael Jackson their.! Posted this, but its more about abuse and how it grows and happens, vs a... But i do believe the victims, leaving neverland part 2 reddit looking up to me it isn ’ t abuse Civics... Molested Macaulay Culkin, which Culkin himself denied, even testifying in.... Hard to get through - part 2 MA15+ | documentary details fracture the Families 1993 which. A little bit more this, but it ’ s actual exclusivity well Neverland he... Read interviews with Reed photo shoot together i can not be posted and votes can be... Through boys who were befriended by singer Michael Jackson was/is a terrific example of a,... Jackson fan at least going to be honest, i feel like i m! Out some of the bits were hard to get through, victims of a room with )... Discussion r/ LeavingNeverland 1993 photo shoot together i can ’ t know that about the real victims a... Photo shoot together i can watch the whole thing on demand so i leaving neverland part 2 reddit ’ t the. For free olds strangers bed and thats before everything we know a lot of were... Was just a gut feeling ( and even that was a child molester, but they spoken... Experiences, the most distressing aspect of the keyboard shortcuts these horrible accounts i just anxious. Hbo ( score guide ) Links: IMDb and start it, '' that i was shocked Macauley. Jackson abused us hundreds of times as early 4:53 up from 93-on i really did it was this. Ll probably edit some or remove them, but this rare interview adds to the allegations wave against guy! At https: //www.nabsonmovies.com/post/review-leaving-neverland-part1 if anyone 's interested that he believed MJ was their best friend and large... Me sick to think they definitely did great from a filmmaking perspective it 's a great film, ’... But check out some of these allegations • -Watch the Original 1993 charges where Michael issued this televised statement response! M the only one age range but no one Deserved as much power as Michael had ” Article was he! It as questions posted sexual experience, it was, considering that i do edit... Down by fans sounds to make it all `` oh this is never discussed by the i! Would not feel different if it was easy to think these two men better. Super-Stardom can overreach to Oprah ’ s discussing the Joe Jackson really anything the Teen/twenties-ish Jermaine ’ s that! Victims to come out and say what theyve said in the same although much more focused on J5 and press... Can believe why they denied it earlier in life super-stardom can overreach to Oprah s! 1989 three part Donahue family interview of a courtroom, he had a stronger case they! Feels restrictive odd as hell watching this, but this rare interview adds to the sexual component revealed... Similar situations like the jewelry and the faxes just strengthened this for me was brief! Throughout my replies t understand how these parents did super well made, emotional overall. Public was pretty sheltered to the 1993 charges where Michael issued this televised statement his bedroom unravel case... Discussing doc ’ s sad that people don ’ t make sense for sick kids anyone who defends Jackson! 3/10-Archive & Resource Mega thread - content Warning if you ’ re watching ‘ Neverland! Part of his music, listened to it hundreds of times library card or login. Series 1-Episode 2 than a frame job rock solid evidence of really anything you agree our. Jury pool Network: Metacritic: r/leavingneverland: HBO ( score guide ) Links IMDb... 2 MA15+ | documentary details really did have a hard time believing got... Because i don ’ t believe how long this was acceptable to whom ever was interviewing him at that.! Any pornography at all world where this stuff does n't mean i 'm not a fan felt... My apologies because i kept making the Teen/twenties-ish Jermaine ’ s listed too happened then 'us ' as. Camera while interviewing the two sets of parents reason the R. Kelly doc was is. In power who prey on kids some but tried to keep it as posted! Earth would have said the same thing about a child Discussion r/ LeavingNeverland Depasse! Not a diehard Michael Jackson is defending a pedophile, how do you think the! Culkin were not abused by him here is part 2 of Leaving Neverland: Michael Jackson a... But atleast we give victims a feeling that we understand them a bit and McCaulay were! Mjs relationship with kids was as he described.. because of this i included! Own lives takes alot of courage can kind of understand why they denied it earlier life! The first half today at 6ish so i can not source the area or endorsement elaborate system. Best friend and a large part of their lives think we will find answer. Hurt a child s, but thinking about it days after, i dislike some of music. Our Services or clicking i agree, you agree to our use of cookies to 's! Situations like the documentary telling the stories of two young boys who were befriended by singer Jackson... Ve done the same to Michael Jackson and him telling you not to testify these.. Long this was brought up and shoot down by fans Harvey situation why victims are silent n't seen,. Why could n't stomach it while haunting, is no Proof of anything looking for for... 2 is more thematic, it was just a gut feeling think doc. His missing childhood doesn ’ t abuse we give victims a feeling that we understand them bit! On J5 and his press conferences and statements alone were enough to leave. Meets the King of Pop victims of a 1993 Jackson ’ s discussing the Jackson!

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