Synonym for either penis or "someone from St Just", depending who you ask. Strong. Mild, unless of course preceded by a strong intensifier, as in Steve Jones' line: "What a fucking rotter.". 38. Lad. Rude Words. Also very popular in Australia. These are some rude words and phrases that we say here in the UK that you probably don't say anywhere else in the world - or at least not as much as us! and the album title Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols; in phrases such as "the dog's bollocks" to mean something definitive and perfect; and, in the related word bollocking, a dressing-down ("I gave the useless fool a bollocking"). Meaning: There you go! Medium strength, and very common. The buttocks. Various swear words are used outside of offending people. Medium strength. 46. The important thing is that the name rhymes with a British swear word which means urine, “p*ss.” The expression “taking the p*ss” also means to tease someone. Nutter – n., crazy person. In the same vein as “bloke,” “lad” is used, however, for boys and younger men. Why does Priti Patel keep calling it a ‘health pandemic’? Moderate. Ta — Short for thanks. The results are vital in supporting our broadcasting standards work to protect viewers and listeners, especially children. Twee — Small, dainty, or quaint. Used in a bewildering variety of constructions, including gobshite, shitehawk, and Steve Coogan's Paul Calf catchphrase, "bag o' shite". So you are learning English. Not necessarily intended in a bad way, "bonkers" means “mad” or “crazy.” 4. (Sod is apparently an abbreviation of “sodomite”, meaning a homosexual.) As a verb, means to screw up drastically. Immortalised in the '80s BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses. You’ve managed to do that effortlessly! Comments Share your thoughts and … Blimey, blimey O'Reilly, cor blimey, gorblimey – n., expression of astonishment. 1000+ images about British quotes on Pinterest | British american, British and Being british = The same as “Piss off!”, a rude way of telling someone to get lost. “Daft bint” = A silly, rather stupid girl or woman (“bint” is orig. Although Swedes commonly swear in English, there are plenty of Swedish swear words both modern and old-fashioned. Toodle pip — An old English word that means goodbye. Thought to derive from the phrase "God blind me!" This is a phrase used to emphasize how easily something can be completed or achieved. Mild. Read full profile. The only words rated mild or medium were: Ofcom, which says this has been its most in-depth research yet, found that TV viewers are becoming less tolerant of racist and discriminatory language. Feck – milder Irish variant of fuck that caught on in the UK thanks to the '90s sitcom Father Ted. Common British Expressions and Slang. Used in a phrase such as “I couldn’t give a flying f$%k”, as a general negative: Folding: Money, in particular higher denomination notes. 3. A very British term to describe lots of aspects of life in the United Kingdom. Cack – n., shit. The term 'Half Screw' is British Army slang used to describe someone holding the rank of Lance Corporal. (Only write as "bell end" if referring to the end of an actual bell.) 1. Codger – n., an old man, often grumpy. (Don’t be … Very mild, yet apparently originated as rhyming slang for "Berkeley hunt". 3. Most words relating to gender and sexuality, and race and ethnicity, were seen as strong, whereas most relating to disability were seen as mild or medium. Or not. The literal f-word is a shortened version of: ‘ Fornication Under the Consent of the King.’ Like most swear words, it did originate from a sexual reference, which is still how it’s used today. 33. Strong, but much less offensive than in the US. No-one can snark quite like they do, and there are certain turns of phrase that are so utterly delightful, the rest of the world really should sit up and take note. Gordon Bennett – n., variant on "Gorblimey!" Use merrily. British Exclamations & Swear Words . Use with care. We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. Plonker – n., annoying idiot. 43. Definition of swear in the Idioms Dictionary. 6. Mild. Minging – adj., foul, disgusting, worthless. “To wank” is rather simply another way of saying “to masturbate”. 48. "); as a milder variant of "fuck" in the phrases "bugger off" and "bugger all"; and, in the phrase, "playing silly buggers", to act the fool. 2. 47. Wanker. See also blighter, rotter, swine. Arse; 1. 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