Engineered Timber Floors - Real natural wood in your home. The hardness of a timber is measured by the Janka hardness test. Botanical Name. ... American Red Oak $ 46.50 – $ 90.75 sq/m. It is a slow-drying wood, so care needs to be taken to avoid checking. Australian Chestnut View Our Extensive Range of Timber Flooring. Blackbutt floorboards are available in several sizes and grades and this hardwood timber flooring comes in packs of random lengths usually ranging from 0.9m through to approximately 5.0m. The sapwood, is much paler in appearance. The timber is renowned for both its strength and versatility of application. Today I am going to explain in more detail the difference between American oak and French oak. The heartwood ranges from golden yellow to pale brown, although occasionally a slight pinkish colour may be present. American Oak VS European Oak: Key Differences. Additionally, Timbers like Jarrah, Sydney Bluegum or Spotted Gum can be the feature of your home. Oak (American or European) Oak flooring comes in board widths from 80mm right through to 240mm wide boards and in engineered boards up to 320mm . 1. A subtle colour range where light and neutral is required from golden yellow through to pale browns. For Timberwood Panels this is our specialty. Sydney Blue Gum is a large Australian hardwood species. Posted on October 22, 2013 by konipew Whether you have your home built from the ground up , or retrofit existing structures , you will need some basic information will be used for materials . On the left is a sample coated in solvent polyurethane which brings out the warm colours of the timber. Tasmanian Oak is light with varying shades from straw to a reddish-brown. Our staff will endeavour to help you not only on price but on service and ensuring that you know all the information you need before making your final flooring selection. American white oak is very hard and stable timber perfect for flooring. It is a honey coloured timber with rich, characteristic grain and vein feature. Very similar in appearance and colour to the European Oak, American White Oak has light-coloured sapwood and a light to dark brown heartwood. It is a premium hardwood with a striking appearance with colours ranging from light brown to dark brown, with many subtle colours including grey and green. On the right is a sample coated in water-based polyurethane giving a lighter and more low sheen look. Grey Ironbark is a large tree that grows along the coast of New South Wales and Southern Queensland. since my original question we think we will go with American Oak. Our staff will take the time to explain the differences so you leave satisfied that you have made the right decision. Although generally resembling European oak, American white oak is more variable in colour, ranging from pale yellow-brown to pale reddish-brown, often with a pinkish tint. Its unique characteristics make Oak a very popular flooring choice. Blackbutt is a species that grows in abundance in the coastal forests of New South Wales and southern Queensland. Colour . On the left is a sample coated in solvent polyurethane which brings out the warm colours of the timber. There are many hardwood and softwood species available in Australia. This light-coloured timber has a medium to coarse texture, and has longer rays than Red Oak, meaning that it has more figure. A particularly strong and durable timber that can display gum and veins giving it a unique look. This timber has a tight grain pattern and is one of the hardest hardwood floorings available. Janka Dry Hardness: 6.5 It has a rich colour of brown with tinges of pink and red. Structural Insulated Panel Systems (SIPS), Fire Regulation Compliance - Alternative Solutions, Continuing Professional Development (CPD),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, When you choose timber, you are not only selecting a beautifully individual floor made from a renewable resource, you’re also making a positive impact on climate change. American Oak is an attractive, pale timber with a straight grain and pronounced growth rings. A mixture of Spotted Gum, Brushbox, Ironbark and Blackbutt : Mixed Reds : 9.5 : A mixture of Red Mahogany, Flooded Gum, Blue Gum and River Red Gum : New England Blackbutt : 9.5 : often straw to pale brown : Northern Beech Species : 8.0 to 10.0 : often straw to straw brown Give QDT a call now on (03) 9437 1612 for the best price on our timber flooring supplies and any further information you may require on any of our products, and for friendly service and expert advice. We specialise in the following options: European oak flooring Thickness. Contrastingly, the right is a sample coated in water-based polyurethane giving a lighter and more low sheen look. Known for its sophisticated look and timeless appeal, oak is a classic choice when it comes to flooring.