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Ok, so, the program you were in wasn’t working—but what do you do when you’re problem isn’t specific to any type of program? It feels like wanting to do and say a thousand things “like normal people can” but being so overwhelmed by the volume of ideas going through your mind that you just freeze. Being reasonable yes, giving up all the time and being miserable all the time—not that’s not a realistic solution. The most noticeable symptoms, like hyperactivity, manifest differently in boys and are too often disregarded as "ditzy" behavior in girls. Your phrase:, “I feel like a wet puzzle piece…” really stuck out to me. This is called ICU nursing! Wanting things to move faster and not wanting to … She handed me the paper and a pen I looked at the test immediately I felt overwhelmed and my mind started racing. As I dug a little deeper into his history, I began to suspect ADHD, specifically the inattentive type. Well some things like cooking, taking pictures, going to a festival, shopping for stuff, packing, drawing, timed contests, playing with kids/animals, or researching something. Some people don’t have ADHD but may have symptoms similar or which overlap with ADHD. (Most of my university marks were As though.) It appears JavaScript is disabled in your browser. [Free Download: Your In-Depth Guide to Inattentive ADHD], Tags: guest blog, Inattentive ADHD, My 2020 Vision, treating adults, women with ADHD. incredibly late posting in 2021, but gonna do it anyway. After layering in additional kiddos, my “engine – despite its strength – couldn’t pull the weight of life any longer with all those flat tires.” (Those are not my words. You’re stressed out of your mind. My thoughts raced. So I run in to go put on a shirt but the one I grab is a little snug so I think that it’s been awhile since I went through my clothes and got rid of some. What a waste of time and money. Apparently therapy dogs, wishful thinking, and committees for change controlled by the administration that are little more than a pretence for appearing to do something helpful is supposed to help me?! I hope its possible. All rights reserved. I love the me that gets excited and curious, wants to start a (*cough….”another”) book, can spend hours online researching a new topic of interest and be super productive. It feels like Im constantly struggling to stay afloat at doing things that so many people seem to figure out in their early 20s. A person with inattentive ADHD can seem restless, in a way similar to how someone with hyperactivity might seem. (Apparently, unless you’re suicidal, which I’m not, no one cares, even if it is a crisis. I found all ADHD symptoms particularly interesting, especially to know that it technically feels like your mind is overwhelmed with everything at all times. First, how I knew that ADHD medication was right for me and, second, what it feels like every day. After spending almost a decade in the fitness industry, spending money, energy and time going to grad school, and now having student loan debt up to my eyeballs, I changed paths to a completely different industry and career. Girls are more likely to have the predominantly inattentive type of ADHD, they are likely to be diagnosed late or not at all, they are less likely have behavioral problems but more likely to have anxiety, depression, and substance abuse problems in adolescents and as adults. I asked him if he daydreamed a lot, even in the years when he was doing well. People complain (and not unreasonably so) about the Covid pandemic and isolation and mental health problems from that isolation–but that’s peanuts compared to what I’ve been dealing with for many many years. I think I can be exploited because of my impulsivity. I had no idea that if you feel anxious about mundane tasks it could mean you have anxiety. My ADHD seems to have other plans for me most days. We poked around in my childhood for trauma, dabbled with the possibility of grief from some losses in my life, tried to make Acute Adjustment Disorder fit due to several cross-country moves in a short period of time, and thought we’d struck gold with much of what I was experiencing fitting post-partum symptoms. Because I liked learning and I liked gold stars and I liked all opportunities to socialize, there was never a moment for me when school felt dreadful. Another symptom of inattentive ADHD is the reluctance to perform tasks and activities that require significant concentration or long-term focus. The system feels rigged. My go at serving tables at a restaurant was short-lived: I couldn’t answer questions about the menu under pressure and diners kept asking me for things while I was getting other diners’ things – the nerve. so I finish getting ready and leave with only minutes to spare. I blurted out there’s no way I can do this it’s too many questions I don’t have the mentality for this. I’ve been unemployed for 11 years because of a combination of work injury at a minimum wage job and struggle of trying to finish school when the workload is crazy. How about the suggestion—go to quite place to study?! I’ve thought about college but I’m not sure that those programs interest me. I worked more hours. I Had No Safe Place. I developed a terrible habit of lying to cover my procrastination and I’m getting bored of my day job even though I promised myself that it was an opportunity I would make good on. I am awaiting my assessment. I am easily frustrated, and I struggle to keep my emotions in check. To someone unfamiliar with ADHD, they usually can somewhat understand the hyperactive/impulsive type of ADHD, but the inattentive type of ADHD can be a bit of a mystery. Im 30 and I feel like it takes all of my energy and time to just get me through each day in one piece. It’s the best! Its true, however, its been 17 months into my new job and there is this voice inside me saying “Oh God, please don’t get bored of this. I’m incredibly susceptible to glorifying the ‘shiny new thing’ and am the embodiment of “the grass is always greener on the other side.” kind of guy. And it wasn’t just that it was protesting with grunts, sputters, and grumbles. Everything was hard. No individualized suggestions, not actionable help. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 7 or 8, have been medicated since the third grade, and still feel lost a lot of the time. Rigid timelines are an obsession of the global industrial capitalist system, which needs efficient workers and shoppers and entertainment-gobblers to ever more efficiently convert the world’s forests and mountains and biodiverse riots of life into superhighways, cattle feed, mining waste dumps, and server farms humming away on coal-fired power to keep 2 billion hilarious cat videos and records of iphone owners’ every single step floating in “the cloud.”. I’ll get right to it and start with the climax that marks the start of finding out I had ADHD, at last: I went nuts. I am a full-grown woman. My brain and I have become incredibly well-acquainted. I’m going to leave it at that, and try to finish an essay that is due tonight that I’ve put off writing for weeks. No thanks. The most recent 17%: harnessing that crap for good. I am also a Vietnam Veteran. 90% of the time my mind is just a mess of all the things I have to do and it feels like a lot even if to a regular person it wouldn't be that bad. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder most common in children and adolescents. I can find SYMPTOMS everywhere, but no one ever talks about what ADHD Inattentive feels like? Having ADD is feeling like there is a blade swinging over your head all the time, you know you or forgetting something and dread the blade dropping lower and lower until something bad happens. Flex time, 4 day work weeks, etc? I told myself it was the right choice for me and its what I wanted and what made me happy. And if I start it right away and I start out really good but then I get bored in the middle or towards the end of it then when someone asks me to do something else, or I remember I forgot to do something, I end up doing what was asked or remembered and forgetting what I was doing previously. I took a lot home. Even though hyperactivity tends to improve as a child becomes a teen, problems with inattention, disorganization, and poor impulse control often continue through the … On top of that diagnosis I have a vitamin D and vitamin B12 deficiency. The engine is my brain. ADHD ADHD Adults: "What It Feels Like to Have ADHD" Your brain and you everyday experiences feel different with ADHD. Kids with ADHD might dread going to class because they know they’ll have to do things that are hard for them. So glad you took the time to share your experience. I’m honestly tired of this and am going to make a standard effort in trying to find a medication that works for me. It's always there and sometimes it clears up and allows me to watch a movie, sometimes it goes opaque right as a teacher is explaining to me how to do a homework problem. Doing the wife thing and the house management thing and the working thing and the one kid thing was what my neurological makeup could handle. Next 8%: WENT TO CRAP. I feel as if someone else is controlling my mind, like I don’t have the capability to analyse the pros and cons of a decision before I have made it and regret it. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to understand what it means to have adhd as an adult. ADHD feels like you always need to do something my description from my self because I have ADHD is that no matter how tired you are your body wants to keep moving, like you can’t get out of autopilot like you can’t shut off your brain even when all you want is to rest; all you want is for someone to notice you for who you are and accept it, ADHD makes me want to move my hand, my feet, play with my hair, fiddle with anything I have in my hands or just talk to someone, even when they might not want to hear it, but yet I don’t notice that at the time all I notice is the need to be around people to interact, to get someone to notice that hey I might be a little wired but I’m much more than that too. I feel like I have a combination of all of the symptoms. Since 1998, millions of parents and adults have trusted ADDitude's expert guidance and support for living better with ADHD and its related mental health conditions. Our pediatrician did a Vanderbilt and said basically this. First 75% of my life: SWELL. It just sort of… happens. I apologize to Mother Earth for the countless extra loads of laundry I did, necessary because of how soured my clothes would get left sitting in the washing machine for too many days. But I have a wicked sense of humour mainly aimed at my downfalls. I was in and out of jobs because I never had a plan. Are hard for me, if I’m already doing something and have to put it off till later 9 times out of 10 I forget about it. So I can’t imagine trying to have children, when it takes this much work to take care of ME. After years of suspecting myself of ADHD I finally got a diagnosis and sure enough. My fiancé and I developed language for this: When I got stuck, I’d just say, “I can’t find my words,” with a sigh. then I remember I forgot to sweep since I’m thinking about cleaning now so I go on my back porch to get my broom and I realize it’s little cold then i remember that I am shirtless. Extra time on tests as an accommodation?! We’re all modern day slaves—make no mistake. Yet it can take hours to get back to baseline. I am not diagnosed but very forgetful. I have ADHD too and I know how you feel, but I believe in you! Understanding I have it has helped me understand a lot about myself, but has left a lot of questions…and I can’t seem to find answers. Instead of focusing on looking straight ahead I’m focusing on everything. Never mind that I don’t have money for a lawyer or the time to deal with a process that would take over a year. Except, and this is important to make clear, I didn’t have knowledge that that last paragraph was what was actually happening. My procrastination refuses to be controlled, and that often fuels my anxiety. Ill look at the clock and just be like “oh.”. User Reviews for Concerta to treat ADHD. The list of can’t dos feels hugely overwhelming and exhausting and God help anybody that dares to mention that I may not have tried hard enough, how can they not know how much it takes, how exhausting and frustrating it all is. I was diagnosed about 30 years ago. Waking up and thinking about the 125 things you need to do that day, yet can’t stay focused enough to swing your legs over the edge of the bed and stand up. So, your office stays in disarray, and the fan doesn’t have a way to turn it off or unplug it. All the papers (invasive thoughts, to-do lists, reminders, important information, etc. That sounds like me; I only was diagnosed at the beginning of October. Inattentive ADHD used to be called attention deficit disorder. And by the time I get home I have already forgotten about my clothes in the washer about sweeping the kitchen, and about the two separate piles of shirts I went through and left on my bedroom floor. You have trouble socializing and have few friends (and your personal relationships are essentially non-existant) because you’re always in crisis and depressed and stressed trying to claw your way out of this hell year after year. My university is all online because of the pandemic, and the lack of in-person /anything/ is enabling all my bad habits. Low maintenance they said…you can’t kill them they said….uh huh. Sometimes its all too much. Here's a scenario: Ever been hung over and had to attend an event the next morning? For me, it feels like all the thoughts, tasks and ideas I want to act on are behind a pane of safety glass with a tiny window in it. People with ADHD of the inattentive type have trouble paying attention to details, are easily distracted, often have trouble organizing or finishing tasks and often forget routine chores (such as paying bills on time or returning phone calls). I’m in a drag car sitting at the light waiting for it to turn green, My brain are the wheels. It’s not realistic to expect me to spend 10-15 years taking 1-2 courses per semester to graduate and work as hard or harder than as person talking a full-time course load. In college it was more of the same, plus a new path to earn success: 11thhour victories. I have ADHD. Other days I feel like someone unplugged the power supply to my brain. I’ve seen therapists and ADHD life coaches and attended local CHADD chapter meetings. 2 years later he is heavily medicated for ADHD and has a 504 because school performance fell through the floor. Yes I can say if I do a lot in a day I do get tired. The routine that never changes year after year after year. I spent 7 hours painstakingly ‘shading’ the darker parts of the drawing with individual dots. I am seen as cold and uncaring because I talk over people, I miss lots of information and when I can’t recall important bits I look like I don’t care enough to pay attention. At least I have a wife and son who have put up with me. Please enable JavaScript and refresh the page in order to complete this form. (Not saying that people with ADHD are never in distress–but the causes are not entirely the same). forgetting to do chores, disliking homework, losing items or assignments. Just curious what it actually feels like to other people. I’m not hyper. It’s also certainly not perfect. I’m almost 40 and completely dependant financially on my parents. !” 😂😂😂. I don’t need the smiling faces of professionals who are happy to listen but contribute nothing helpful. There is a desk fan blowing at maximum power. I have no other income. I lost a house in foreclosure. Most of all — and what I want to communicate with fervor here — I cannot believe it took me this long to find this out about myself. Sometimes, individuals with ADHD Inattentive Type will be mischaracterized as shy or withdrawn. I’ve sharpened the fine art of self-care, waxing and waning the frequency of my massages, naps, meditations, outsourced house cleanings, journaling, babysitters, and exercise based on how my engine is handling my tires. ), I think in most cultures through most of human history, and many still today, our difficulty with time would not cause us such troubles. Even figuring out how to spend my time became this big goliath of a task. Having ADHD is challenging regardless of gender but in a world predisposed to undermining women, not having your shit together can feel like a dereliction of feminine duty. And for me, it wasn’t just that my vehicle’s speed slowed. It’s just nice to know im not alone…. I’ve devised, executed, and abandoned at different times innumerable systems to organize better, time manage better, file better, decrease distractions better, meal plan better… you name it. My analogy is that it feels like you are in an office. https://www.psychologytoday.com/ca/blog/talking-about-men/202008/failure-launch-in-young-men-is-mental-health-issue ). My son has it and I’d spent a lot of time trying to figure out how I could support him, which is how I realized I did to. Although some people have ADHD I find that there is a tenancy to pathologize every problem instead of considering the broader context. You’d think some of those are the same, but they’re not. Seeing people with 20, 30, 40 year careers seems so out of this world to me. The worst being something that doesn’t have a deadline. The weight is all my responsibilities, including needy babes.). Having adhd feels like the scene from doctor strange where the ancient one tells him to let go and then you see him warp through various parts of the universe. I’m ready for the light to turn green I’m a hairs width from engaging the gas pedal, clutch and the gear shifter to take off like a rocket. Im 12 years old. I still haven’t finished post-secondary. I also have anxiety and depression, which certainly doesn’t help in my case. Plus, the inattentive symptoms more commonly seen in girls are regularly mistaken for something else. It makes me constantly overwhelmed for no reason and it just leaves me emotionless and confused. And its every day. I do this every time and its a vicious cycle that I’m completely aware of but I feel helpless in stopping it. The school staff are not aware of our province’s human rights policies. In some cases, sure, ADHD might be the problem. I don’t expect them to help with everything but they might be able to help with learning strategies and with how to resolve my decision paralysis. Did I mention speeding tickets. Even with the last few jobs I’ve had, I came into them feeling energized and excited, but then like clock work, I’d hit the 1 year mark and get bored of them and look for something else. Every day is like that movie Groundhog Day. The simple fact is our human rights system is broken–just like our legal system, and health care system (which doesn’t consider mental health important enough to fund), and our education system. After graduation, I was still rocking through life, except now — with my job charging me with lots of event planning and orchestration of details — I started feeling like I had half a brain. are all being blown all over the office, and as soon as you grab one paper, there are ten more in its place flying around. I often tend to overcomplicate things and am driven by detail to a fault. I know people that have told me about ADHD and how I might possibly have it, but I’ve never looked for help. My mind wanders I can’t sit still for 30 to 45 minutes answering these questions I’ll go crazy. Everything beeps and flashes NONSTOP! Its just exhausting and I wish I could just turn my brain off sometimes. I was still on track, competent, and confident. However, the underlying reasons are different. It’s not realistic to take 10+ years to graduate. I have books and articles all around my house (and I’d show you, if only I could find them). I cannot believe it took me this long to find this out about myself. I have only been taking it for 2 months though and still question whether a big part of the change has just … She said that’s the point. Wow, what a relief! In addition to the workload and work-life balance concerns, if changing programs, do you prioritize employable work at the expense of your soul or an interesting job and risk destitution? I’m currently 18. Generally I feel less overwhelmed and more able to get individual things done. I want to be able to focus and learn but there is always so much going on that I can’t. I’m sort of glad they didn’t diagnose me as a child, as I wouldn’t have made so much money or had so much fun; however, as I turned 48 a couple of days ago, probably time to put on the brakes a bit on the roller coaster and have some real fun on the Concerta; now I know I have this, including ‘hyper-focus’. Most recent 17%: HARNESSING THAT SHIT. Concerta has an average rating of 7.0 out of 10 from a total of 329 ratings for the treatment of ADHD. During intended study sessions in the library, I almost always abandoned my work at first opportunity to socialize in whispers with fellow distractors. Inattentive-type ADHD won’t be as obvious, because it’s not the “physically disruptive boy child” stereotype. Then came the speeding tickets. Back to the matter at hand though: How are you supposed to maintain motivation or know what to do with your life when you’ve never been able to have any reasonable work-life balance and feel hopeless because no matter how hard you try and work you’re always alone, lacking or struggling to maintain friends, isolated, working, and not getting ahead? I’ve stopped medications. You’re the perfect worker because you’re dedicated and diligent and studious, and you’re well spoken, articulate, and presentable as well–so clearly people think you’re fine or lying or exaggerating but all of that non-stop work is extremely isolating and damaging. How could I have had the same brain my whole life and yet have no major life complications result from it until major complications started resulting from it?
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