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Camping with your best four-legged friend is a significant reason why pet owners choose the RV …, Continue Reading about High Tech RV Temperature Monitor For Your Pet Peace Of Mind, 1530 P B Lane You feel the brakes immediately. High Tech RV Temperature Monitor For Your Pet Peace Of Mind. Item Description. The job of the suspension system is to maximize the friction between the tires and the road, as well as provide stability to the steering system. The independent suspension system looks really hefty and good, but I've yet to find just how the suspension part works. OK - so the quote for 3 axles with disc brakes is $9,630 all in. For the most part, the suspension components mount just like their OEM counterparts. Much like the other stories above, we went to have our IS installed at the MorRyde factory in Elkhart, Ind. After we were done checking out the work, we headed out for dinner and a little exploring. This may have already been discussed in the forum however, I haven't located it. That means you get a better ride, more control and improved performance from your suspension. Does Living In An RV Actually Save Money? This would provide an "official" GVWR sticker of 18,000 lbs. Now that you have had the IS for a couple of months do you still think the upgrade was worth the price? Now that we have it, we can confirm all the benefits are well worth it. Our height increased for two reasons 1) Because we had the 8K Independent Suspension added it required a beefier frame to be built 2) we just upgraded the suspension in the truck so we don’t have as much “sag” when we put the full weight of the kingpin on the trailer bed. Did you have it installed or was it already on your trailer when purchased. We were so excited to check out this new system. I'm wondering if their are some kind of coil springs within them because on the outside, all they have on them is a shock absorber. The MORryde CRE 3000 Suspension System for 35" tandem axle wheel base trailers is an economical way to reduce road shock and increase your suspension travel while giving you added strength. We weren’t sure how well we would sleep once we got back (with the manufacturing side still working) but we both knocked out. We learned that Day 2’s work consisted of welding on the Independent Suspension, connecting the brakes, and doing the alignment. This caused the axle to shift back, losing leaf springs and a G rated tire $$$. The CRE has a unique Travel Slot that was designed to allow up to 3" of suspension travel, to protect your RV trailer and provide better suspension while you're driving down the … Was it the new suspension, axles or the bracing that "raised the trailer about six inches so it goes down the road level now?" Remember the suspension lets a wheel move up and down relative to the caravan? The stopping with the Disc Brakes is awesome. No more worrying about broken leaf springs or shackles on driving days! Why are all of us dummies paying for suspension upgrades which should’ve been provided by Ford included in the F 53 chassis and by individual manufactures that build out coach is too heavy for the or too high of center of gravity for the standard F 53 suspension a class action suit allotting All owners of these class a motorhomes with dangerous handling characteristics … We should have mentioned that in the video. It’s designed to eliminate bouncing, jerking, broken leaf springs and wear and tear on a trailer or fifth-wheel. The first thing they do is measure the rig hooked up to get it as level as possible when towing. Do … After the install we were 13’5″ in the back and front, meaning we were towing completely level! Yep! Looking for honest opinions from those of … One of the most popular questions. Last year (2015), after the Goshen Rally, we had the Independent Suspension and Disk Brakes added to our Newport at the Mor-Ryde factory in Elkhart. MorRyde Suspension System. I hate adjusting band breaks. Saw their independent suspension option that I could have installed on my 2016 BayHill. You can only get the Independent Suspension installed at two locations, one in Oregon and the other at their headquarters in Elkhart, Indiana. We went into the workshop to take a look and chatted with Brenten for a bit about what was done. . The question I have for those of you who have had this done, especially on 3 axle big rigs, is: This happened less than 400 miles from the plant. Once our RV was in the shop, our tech had our old leaf springs and shackles off in less than 20 minutes! We’ve noticed our Kodiak Disc Brakes stop. I had the "IS" System installed last year and have put 10,000 miles since they were installed and absoutly no problems, I think it a … Do you know if that option increases the GVWR of the Solitudes? The MORryde plant is in an industrial area but you do have to drive through a town to get there; our GPS decided to take us through the residential area so we figured we’d give you the best way to get there. Running 17.5 Goodyear tires, very even tire wear 4. The stopping power from the Kodiak Disc Brakes blew us away. Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2019 12:28 am . Increased travel means smoother towing, improved towability and better protection from damaging road shock. Compression adjustment – how much does suspension resist compression. Like many things in life…it depends. Are you happy with it? We finally decided to go with the whole package — the independent suspension and the disc brakes — right from the start. Full-time RV Adventures, Couple Travel Blog. MORryde CRE2-33 CRE3000 Suspension System, Tandem Axle - 33-Inch Wheel Base. We drove back to the MORryde facility and they remeasured our RV. We wanted this upgrade for over a year and had a hard time finding much information (outside of MORryde) on the topic. Your email address will not be published. I can do just disc brakes myself for <$3,000. Before the install we were 13’4″ in the front (including our A/C) and 13’1″ in the back (also including our A/C). Does the rig handle that much better?" Unless your grossly overloaded you should never be anywhere near the capacity of those 7K axles. In axle-type suspensions, the wheel does not produce any camber change due to vehicle roll. Depending on if you have two our three axles expect the process to take two to three days to complete. And how custom you want the control system components mounted. We’ve had our eye on this upgrade for over a year and so pleased to be able to work with MORryde to share the results. At the time of posting this blog, the prices are: Tandem 7K Independent Suspension and Disc Brakes: $6,499; Tandem 8K Independent Suspension and Disc Brakes: $6,900; Triple 7K Independent Suspension and Disc Brakes: $8,850 The CRE3000 also provides added durability and reduced frame stress. It was shocking the difference we immediately noticed in the brakes! Created and patented in 1999, the IS system totally redefines smooth towing. How much does a trike kit cost? Independent Suspension System (IS) could do – along with improving braking using the Disc Brake Upgrade Package. 1. Does MORryde take measurements with your RV hooked up to your truck to determine which would be best or does it even matter? As you mentioned it is a big decision to make considering the price which by the way has increased by $500. Parler sues Amazon after hosting shut-down took app offline. Do you actually have 6" increase in rear trailer height or is the 6" additional travel that they advertise? Reply ↓ Roads Less Traveled on March 25, 2018 at 8:10 am said: Depending on whether you want to install the optional heavy duty shackles and steel cross member, it will range from $400 to $600 for parts, and depending … They are pricey, especially when you add the disc brakes. check out the. These arms do not have to be of equal length, and may be angled away from … We both have said how we feel much safer on moving days because we know we can stop faster (if needed) and the constant worry of a leaf spring breaking has disappeared. It was fun to witness but also a little scary they were so easily destroyed. Our MORryde steps arrived this week and I installed them today. about Does Living In An RV Actually Save Money? Much easier and of course we now knew how to attack the seized bushing. This gives you the smoothness you … 4.9 out of 5 stars 87. Is the ride that much better? However, if you are a light sleeper you might want to consider sleeping offsite as their manufacturing facility next door is a 24 hour shop. Thanks again. Automotive $166.88 $ 166. We have enjoyed the noticeable less stuff falling on you when you open a cupboard on moving days. After we finished lunch, around 1 pm we were notified our RV was done and to come take a look! Hi there! While it is not the MorRyde IS Suspension (not in our budget right now), in my opinion I believe it is much better than the standard Trail Air Suspension unit than came on our Redwood. It’s awesome! Does the factory brake controller work with the new electric over hydraulic system? MOR/ryde. Whew! What You Will Receive:✅Tips and tricks to save you money and time when purchasing an RV and while out on the road. Your Price: Starting at $499.99 Axle: Wheel Base: Quantity: Trustpilot . We got a nice surprise too, a 10% winter discount:) They have difficulty getting customers to go to Elkhart in the winter as it is so cold!! This system is sometimes used as original equipment on larger, higher-end travel trailers and fifth-wheels. You’ll take exit 92 off of I-80 (it doesn’t matter if you’re coming from east or west because it will loop you through the same toll plaza). Thankfully, you are allowed to sleep in your RV at night when the work is done so you don’t have to find a hotel. When it comes to suspension performance, its all about suspension travel. Top . Mor-Ryde also makes a model called LRE … Anything we did find on blogs and forums was positive so that was reassuring! MORryde also engineers an independent suspension system as well, which helps in the smoothness of the ride and the overall stability of the RV. The GD 8K axle option is definitely NOT the IS. I can do just disc brakes myself for <$3,000. You’ve decided to hit the road! We don’t have to be prepared when opening a cupboard after moving day anymore. Your Price: Starting at $499.99 Axle: Wheel Base: Quantity: Trustpilot . I have no idea as to whether there is some spring system in the rear part of each system. Don’t have the Mor Ryde but have heard good things about that suspension system. They also have a Customer Lounge with WiFi where you can spend your day. 4.8 … Axle … No more creaking noises, trailer rides noticable smoother. These come in various weight capacities and use Aeon Rubber springs for suspension instead of the leaf springs or rubber cords in a torsion system. MOR/ryde SRE 4000 System- “it’s all about the travel” When it comes to suspension performance, it’s all about suspension travel. If you have drum brakes then you really should consider the upgrade to the safer and much more effective 8K disc brakes at the same time. The MOR/ryde SRE 4000 provides over 4 of suspension … Independent Suspension System. Sounds like you have too lite of a rubber spring. I see this comment every once in a while and I must be missing something. We now have 5″ of suspension compared to the 2″ provided in typical leaf springs.
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