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It has many career options. Both the careers are good and have scope. Send us a message on our instagram account @thestudentbaba, we will surely text you back as that would be our priority :). I have vet entrance exam of my state,rajasthan and icar. hi mam, myself Tarun Thanks, Shefali. I would say that please remove this thinking of scope in a field because every field has scope in it and infinite earning opportunities but only condition is your own genuine interest in the field. Psychology is the science that helps us understand, describe, and predict human (and animal) behaviors and minds. In coming years Psychology is going to be in demand and the need of an psychologist will increase. Reading articles and seeking help is fine but you don't let it control you. Food science is a field in which engineering, biological, and physical sciences are used to study the science of foods, the reasons for food deterioration, food processing, and the improvement of foods for the consumption by the public. Hello, first of all congratulations you have scored really good marks in NEET. Every career is good, you just need right passion towards it. Sir muje kya karna chahiye .mns banana chahati hu aur agar BAMS seat Mila to kya Karu main BAMS ki bsc nursing....plzzzz guide me I am very confused. Currently i gave my boards 12th (PCB). Arts 2. You can do a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts after 12th Science with Biology. It is a perfect course for you if you are passionate about Biology and would love to take dedicate your life in the research and development department. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It is just that different institutes and universities name courses differently. Hello sir, You can do a Bachelor’s in Social Work (BSW) after 12th Science with Biology. I will always recommend to follow your career in things you are more intersted in. So if you want to select the best career for yourself, you will have to take some time and ask yourself this question "What I like to do?". Even though you will have money and all the luxuries in your life, you are spending most of your time doing something which you have 0 interest in it and now you are stuck doing that same thing because your whole life revolves around it. So its not like there is no scope in Psychology, in fact there is. If you feel satisfied with your answer or you have no double thoughts and without any involement of any kind of peer pressure then you are good to go. Looking for high salary courses after 12th Science?Here are the top high salary courses after 12th Science PCB without NEET: B.Sc. Your email address will not be published. You should ask yourself what work you want to do and do you enjoy that work?. Is bsc in agriculture from gbpuat economic enough?what about jobs?? If I have to name some then you can check for Dr. Bhim rao ambedkar university in Agra, University of Madras, Amity University, Osmania University. Always feel free to connect with us anytime on Instagram @thestudentbaba. It is a heavily saturated field. how recent are the salary ranges given above? Life sciencec. Clinical Research is a branch of healthcare sciences that determines the safety and effectiveness of medications, medical devices, diagnosis, diagnostic product,s and treatment methods used for humans. We are always here to help you. Now you have the opportunity to choose the right career. Any alternative options? If you want to, here is the list of some of the best colleges for psychology in India: 1. It is obvious that the students who have given NEET … Below is a brief description of various courses other than MBBS for biology students. There are many colleges all over india to do Bachelor's in forensic science. After 5 years of study, you are earning well and your all primary goals are full filled. Biotechnology is now advancing and not a lot of people know about the scope biotechnology has. Biotech, Food Tech, etc. In this article, I will tell you 15 high paying career option (excluding It is the most fast growing field and also the payment is much higher. This is what most of people think what an Ideal life is but reality is bit different. We are glad that it helped. If you enjoy the work you do, career scope and oppurtunity will be infinite. of jobs, companies and pay packages, it is certain that medical/ healthcare technologies score higher. An expert guide will help you to understand your strengths and weaknesses and help you to make an informed choice. BA (Hons) Psychology). Hi maam, this article is really usefull and kinda motivated me too after not doing well in neet. Today education plays a significant role to build a good career. Now for everyone this ideal work is different because everyone is different. Science itself is a very vast stream, and the study shows that the person who takes science in his 11 th and 12 th class is having a higher IQ level than the ordinary Commerce or an art student.. This course provides you theoretical as well as advanced practical knowledge to work as a medical lab technician/technologist in the public and private health sectors. Hello sir Wanna know that for pursuing BSc forensic science do we have to clear any entrance exam ? Psychology is definitely going to grab a lot of market in the future but as of now at least in India people are not much aware of the work of a psychologist. So sir plz help me, Well, if you are aiming for UPSC and really dedicated to crack it then you will need a bachelor degree for UPSC. then definetly go for that, but if it's "No" then take your time and think of work you will enjoy doing and pursue career in that. With new career options coming up, there is no longer the pressure to take up MBBS after 12th science as students explore more medical courses without having to take NEET. The above areas could also allow one to work in Public health/government roles. Daily duties of Nurses involve activities such as: Agriculture is also one of the most preferred career options for students after 12th Science with Biology. I took PCB bcoz I didn't want to take maths and booty was interesting but like maths , I hated physics and I didn't work on it bcoz this was never the field I wanted to go in.1)I want to study from a well govt college 2)I want to do a course that I don't need to explain people like I opted for occupational therapy but nobody knew about it, the college was private and only 6 people took admission so I didn't go and dropped instead3) I wanted to do graduation in field which will give me more surety of govt job after graduation bcoz I don't want to study further except in case when i will not be able to clear upsc after all my changes I have interest in psychology and in fields regarding healthcare which includes mental health along with treating not like mbbs. The course is called B. Pharma. High salary courses after 12th Science PCM: There are many related courses that have evolved over time as business requirements have evolved. The syllabus of these courses may vary depending upon what award is being given – that is, whether it is a certificate course, diploma course, or a degree course. Whereas the thing you should consider is your own interest in a particular field. Hi ma’am! Genetics is an interesting field which comprises the study of genes, genetic variations, the … The medical field is one of the best and promi… Everyone has some talent and skills, there maybe case where you are judging yourself as average student based on your marks but you may know the concept more better then a topper. But who can be of help? You can text us anytime on Instagram @thestudentbaba. You can choose the medical field as your area of interest. Unknown to many, the academics, research, and training system of Indian agriculture is internationally acknowledged for its quality. It is difficult because there are so many good courses after 12th science Biology ( PCB) are available. This same goes for BAMS as well. courses that a PCB student can pursue after Class 12th: Highlights of B.Sc Courses for PCB Students I'm confused. Learn different concept and how to apply them in practical life. Theses courses after 12th PCB opens the gate of various responsible and reputed careers. Candidates often pursue a master’s degree for better options. Let's talk on instagram. So, I wouldn't say that there are no good jobs after that. After completing an agriculture course, you can find a job in Agricultural Marketing, Farming, Dairy Farming, Food Science & Technology, and other varied disciplines. We all want to live a wealthy lifestyle but for that you have to go through a lot of hardships and struggles, especially to have a stable career. Sir I m a 12th passed student and I selected bsc nursing after it it my decision but my relatives suggest that it's salary is not to high and not a good choice plz suggest. This study is growing dynamically with the ever-evolving society. Medical 6. Sir is there scope in forensic science in india??? Engineers. Earlier, courses and career options after 12th science PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) were limited to MBBS or BDS and there were not many alternative medical courses without NEET that you could pursue. Marine biology is indeed a very interesting field to go for since most percentage of marine life is still mystery to us. You have realised your mistake and now you want to work even more hard this shows that you have grown. How can I get admission in bums without neet. Well in case you are still confuse and uncertain about your career then feel free to contact us on instagram @thestudentbaba. Every career option has scope and potential to earn any amount you want. Hi, Also, if you want to work with NGO's in India to spread awareness about Psychology and the work of a psychologist you can do that as well whilst having your own clinic. After doing B.Sc Biotech one must complete masters to keep more options open career-wise- One may specialize in Biotech- in any of the fields of healthcare, Agri, Marine, Environmental science, or go into Microbio, Biochem, Agri, Food technology. Also, from the year 2020, since AIIMS and JIPMER have been merged in NEET exam medical aspirants must be finding the competition tough to … You can work in the commercial, administration, financial sector. The candidates having PCB or PCMB group in their +2 can appear in NEET 2020exam for admission to the top medical colleges of the country. Entrance examination of culinary academy of India consists of three rounds: 1. treating is different. A total change of course? Reply can take little delay but I can assure you that, we will reply for sure. See, Bsc Nursing is a good course and if you ask me, there is nothing such as good or bad course. On the other hand if you want to join IIT not for money, fame or reputation in society but to actually learn and study something about a field which you want to learn and explore then definetly go for it. Can we do Physiotherapy without NEET thru any colleges in Mumbai? It contains the certificate courses, medical diploma courses, bachelor degree courses, master degree courses and many short time knowledge booster courses for medical professionals. what will be the scope of bsc biotechnology .What type of job available . A few other courses which are as popular as the ones given above are listed here. Find courses in Biology after 12th except for MBBS which could help you to pursue a career in the healthcare sector. Apart from NEET, AIIMS MBBS exam is also another way of pursuing MBBS. Schools The education & Teaching sector is becoming a very robust career option for young students in recent times. B.Pharm focuses on research in drug manufacturing, quality control & pharmacy studies. People who have a broader perspective towards it and understand it more better but its still an issue for normal middle class people who are still scared of seeking help thinking log kya kahenge but if you could be the one to make them understand to make them feel better, then you would be the first one to do so. 3. One personal suggestion, we always recommend to follow your passion and work on yourself. Don’t worry! Thanks! Please help me. You can do a B.Sc./B.A. It aims at enhancing analytical abilities, problem-solving, communication, interpersonal and other such life- skills. This way earning oppurtunities in both these career can be endless but all you need is a genuine interest in that field. Hi Pooja, there is no major difference among these fields of study. If you have only one thing in your mind then you should go for Biotechnology but if you want to experience new challenges in your everyday and really want to do something for your country by maybe creating new medicines from R&D or you want to benefit orders from your work then you should go for Pharmacy. field. If you are good at maths, then BSc Math, Stats, Economics are good courses to look post with more niche areas like Cryptology, Actuarial Sciences, or Public Policy, etc. The course duration for BSc in Forensic Science is 3 years. Both the courses have scope specially psychology. Agriculture is a vast field and there are plenty of career options as well, but before going into that, can you please tell me, what you are aiming for ? Rehabilitation Science, Pharm.D. Is it because of some peer pressure or just because society wants you to do it, in order to have a good reputation in society? Course after 12 th Science, Diploma Courses, Medical Courses, Engineering Courses, Bussiness Courses & Salary + Career Scope. Tell me about Bachelor’s in Optometry and Ophthalmic Technologies.And what is the scope for it.What is the job after completing studies. I also wanted to know how can we go about if we opt for b.sc in biotechnology. For any further assistance Speak to our Career Advisor on 9555990000. Courses after 12th PCB: Class 12th is one of the most essential paths of one's life.It initiates the aspirant’s career and shapes the future ahead. Still, depending upon the Branch that one chooses and the … 3. courses in India which they can pursue after Class 12th and make a good career in the future. Now, there is a growing demand in the healthcare industry and an increasing number of job roles available after medical courses without NEET. Will I be happy and satisfied with it ? One of the most comprehensively written article on the subject. Clinical psychology The scope is seldom predetermined. Sir which is good between bsc biotechnology and b pharmacy? In this article we will discuss the popular B.Sc. ... Class 12th pass with minimum qualifying percentile. in Psychology after 12th Science with Biology. Please specify the College list is needed for UG or PG? Sir, I got 370 in neet.. Am depressed nd confused.. 1.Can I get mbbs seat?.. Do I really want to go for MBBS ? Recommended Posts: Best Job Oriented Courses to Study after 12th. Hope you find it helpful, for more information you can visit our website and take a free trial. Always remember one thing, don't do something just because there is a lot of money in it instead do something you would happily want to and couldn't get nough out of it. I want to do bums but I didn’t gave neet exam so In principle, any area that benefits from understanding human behavior will benefit from a Psychologist. But if you are looking to get admission at this time of year then it can be hard because it's already december and admission in most of the colleges are now closed.One last thing which I would like to say is,yes college does play an important role in your career, completing graduation from a reputated good college will give you a boost in initial days of your career but in the end your skills and interest will keep you going. These are a few of the many courses that one can consider if they had Science with PCB in class 12. If you have the will to do Psychology, go for it, just remember one thing that nothing in this life comes easy, everything takes time and patience. Then it is NO as Mbbs /medical profession is much more than a medium to just earn money. Do you think mbbs as a best earning medium and this is the reason for u to come to this line? So suggest me.. What should I do?? hey friend our situations are same i also wanted to be an IAS as i wated to be a social worker but i took pcb as my parents didnt allow me to take arts as u know arts is best for upse, i just want to suggest u that clear one thing that what u want from ur life and what will satisfy u, job is secondary but ur interest should be ur priority and for ias u should take a graduation degree with any intrested subject and with that u can prepare for upsc or if u have interest or u love to motivate or help people come out from depression or tension then u can go for psychology , please remember one thing do what gives u happiness or u will end up having no pleasure in life , its just an suggestion as i was also going through same, is there any good college for bsc psycology in MP or near by area, I am really sorry but even after researching on this topic, I couldn't find a good college for BSc Psychology in MP. It also explains cognitive processes, affective states, experiences and states of consciousness. However, there are many other slightly non-conventional but unique programs that have high … You can choose from plenty of courses in biology after 12. Mental health is important and people will realise this sooner or later. Thank you sir for this information...sir i want to ask about pyschology...sir is it better to do pyschology from India or from abroad and is pyschology get enhanced in upcoming years in india?? Its simple, if you are excited by the work of some Pharmacist or some Environmental Science person then you should ask yourself what you feel like giving your preference to. It is a good career option overall. 1. Some of the career options in Psychology are. If you are a psychiatrist then you can prescribe Its not like there is no career scope for other students who don't go for science. Now I’m in dilemma should i drop 1 year for neet, or should i indulge to other fields in biology (other than neet), or should i get into media. Reply can be late depending upon we are active there or not but we will reply for sure. . But, the selection of fields majorly depends upon the interest of the students. Click the link below to enroll in Post NEET Guidance Program! Sports If, yes.The you can opt for medical side which is more reliable and will suits your subjects. You can develop any skill and work in that particular field. Also if we want to do some research work in any of the biology related fields, what course are we supposed to take and what are the best colleges/universities for the same? I'm interested in human behavior and want to do psychology but I've been advised against it as career opportunities for psychologists may not be plenty. I’m sinchana from bangalore Does psychology field has good scope?? In this article we will take a look at some of the most popular course and career options you could opt for after Science in 10+2. General Nursing and Midwifery. You just need to select the career which you want to do and the work which gives you satisfacton and you are good to go. From being a doctor to becoming a lecturer or a pharmacist, students are free to choose many good courses which in turn will help them grow and earn well. There are numerous career options apart from MBBS to get into the field of medical science. You will do good in your life and most importantly will be satisfied with it.Also if you score good in your bachelors after working hard then if you are planning to for masters, get admission in reputated university because if you are doing masters then University from where you completed masters will matter more then university or college from where you will complete your college but no matter what college or university you get into. This is going to be the work which maybe you are going to do most of your life and if you don't enjoy the work, it can never bring internal satisfaction no matter how much bigs perks are. Management 5. A post-graduate in Biophysics & Biostatistics and a graduate in Chemistry, she has interned with the prestigious SINP Kolkata. It's more like, "whether this course is good for me or not?" In Maharashtra Physiotherapy is under NEET, in other states some colleges look at AIPTET. In the upcoming times, the scope is enhancing. Management Consulting Careers & Jobs in India Nurses have a broad range of duties and responsibilities. Courses other than MBBS for biology students are now gaining more preference from the students as these courses are in high demand and offer tremendous growth opportunities for students. We will try our best to solve your problem if we could. And what colleges are good for it. Clinical Research Scientists are involved in the following types of activities: For students who wish to find courses available after 12th science biology but do not want to pursue MBBS, can also think about a career in Nursing. and what about the salary in pyschology field mam... which thing is more better being a professor in pyschology or being a pyschologist and mam after doing masters in pyschology from abroad do we have to give a license exam for being a proper pyschologist?? hello im neha gupta i’ve completed my 12 boards from mumbai n i want to do BPT but im not prepared for NEET so can i get addmission for BPT WITHOUT NEET. Clinical Research P.S: Don't think about other aspects such as money or other materialistic things. In the current times, they will turn into areas of focus as per many experts. This is because the competition level is ever increasing. I just want to know that these all jobs that are sugested here with the salary of per anmum are beter but i am confused somewhere that if i wan unable to performe beter in those so what will i do? Also if there is anything you want to talk about feel free to contact us on our instagram page @thestudentbaba. You may look at the IdreamCareer assessment and Counsellor for the same. College kidhar h forensic science courses ka plzzz bata do, Hi glad to hear that you are interested in forensic science. I hope this solves your query, if you have any other query or doubt, You can either reply here to comment or connect with us directly on our instagram @thestudentbaba. Bachelor of Science in Radiography. Commerce 3. See Mahi, selecting a right career is always important but as I mentioned earlier, money or scope is important but they are secondary factors and the primary factor is your own interest. Schools I hope this helps, if you still have any other query, always feel free to ask here or you can connect with us directly on our instagram @thestudentbaba. Sir/mamCan you guide me through my queries about biomedical science.1- i am very keen to learn what it is all about.2- i have interest in biology and thinking of doing that but afraid is there scope for biomedical science.3- what colleges will be good to go with studying this.Will be glad if you tell sir. However, in terms of job satisfaction, work environment and work hours etc., all of these will score equally. 4. High salary Business or Computer Applications Courses after 12th Science Students also have the option to pursue BBA as a UG course after 12th Science. I just want to ask what jobs I could get in this stream? Choosing the right course after 12th Science Biology (PCB) is extremely important but a little difficult. Fergusson College, Pune4. We will glad to help you, I am so confused.....what i do after my neet exam is not clear plz suggest me the right option for my career, All the careers are good and to select the right option is on your and what you build your interest in. Yeah sure, sorry for late reply but I will try my best to answer all your queries.1. Yes there are many government colleges. Education & academics Okay so lets break it down in small segments first. in Medical Imaging Technology or in a similar field. If its physiothearpy then go for it but only if you are really interested in it. You can also explore a number of career options after 12th science PCB or in these subjects too after completing class 12th. Now answering your question, all these fields are extremely important to run society and economy of any country and due to this whole pandemic thing there are chances that for 1-2 years you will see the slight lower numbers in salary because world is still getting over this pandemic but as soon as this pandemic will end, I mean after 4-5 years, you will see a big spike in salary of these profession as they are related to health and now people are more concious about health. What is the difference between radiology imaging technology,medical imaging technology ,and imaging technology and which is best to do after class 12th. You might look at the Alternatives like Dentistry, Physio Veterinary, Physio, Ayurveda, Homeopathy; as another option, you can look at research through Microbio/Biotech/Chemistry/Botany/zoology/agriculture/animal husbandry. and others are conventional but high-paying career options. Genetics. Then check out this list that we have curated with almost all the alternative careers you can choose from. So lets talk about all the problem and solve them one by one. See, all the courses are good and they become best for you when you possess those certain skills required in that particular field. Written test 2. Therefore, there are plenty of courses available in biology after 12th except MBBS and students can explore more in the field of Life Sciences. These were some of the top medical courses without NEET and students who wish to pursue any one of these could expect a lot of job opportunities after completing their graduation or equivalent degree courses.
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