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Or, 2) use the weight chart I developed for Pygmy goats based on heart girth measurement. This is the only goat breed in India that achieves the highest weight in such a short period of time. A guide on how to wean, fatten and butcher goats, includes information on castrating goats, feeding goats, slaughtering and skinning goats. Use this guide to determine the weight of your livestock sheep or goat: Sirohi goat weight chart. Beetal Goat weight Chart. It’s a medium size goat, much less than your meat breeds compared to the size and weight and much heavier and larger compared to milk breed goats. LoweBow New ... even if I have to purchase a larger kid for them....I'm sure I can do some swapping w/ some of my goat buddies to fill the bill if these 2 don't put the pounds on. The other popular fiber goat breed is the Pygora goat. If you can castrate (khassi), it can easily achieve 180 to 200 kg on a very good diet or in 3 to 4 years of age. Jan 14, 2013 #1 . The process of weaning, along with the kid’s weight and age, will play significant roles in its ability to fight off illnesses and thrive well into adulthood. The most popular fiber breed goat is the Angora goat. In male and female kids, live weight averaged 2.96 Kg and 1.51 kg respectively at birth, 9.59 Kg and 9.12 kg at 3 months, 16.74 kg and 14.81 kg at 6 months, and 23.92 Kg and 22.49 kg at 12 m. Goat kids should be weaned when their birth weight increases to a specific amount, usually sometime between 2 and 3 months old. Enter the goat-girth chart or the (slightly) more complicated body-weight formula. Beetal goat weight chart is quite impressive for those who reared goat for Eid Purpose. I have been looking online for a sort of growth chart/curve for Nigerian Dwarf goats. The following methods use measurements of body size to estimate the weight of the goat. say for 3, 6, 9, and 12 months and then maybe 2 years of age. Nutritional composition of hay and supplement.ab Feed DM CP ADF NDF TDN NEm NEg Supplement 89.78 16.73 21.52 40.72 75.47 0.84 0.56 2005 Hay 90.5 7.1 47.6 73.2 44.2 0.35 0.10 In the case of the former (which is accurate to + 5% on standard-sized dairy goats), you measure around the goat's body just behind their armpits and shoulder blades, then convert from inches to pounds using the table below. The goat's shape or stage of pregnancy do not affect the chart's accuracy. Since my family is fairly new to having them, I am curious what average weights are, esp. While these are quite accurate for average sized goats, goats that are extremely thin, obese, or pregnant will vary from the estimated weights. LoweBow, Jan 15, 2013. Fiber breed goats have an average size of 180 to 225 pounds, varying in male and female. 1) Pick up the goat and step on a scale. weight, and age was included for 60 d and 90 d wt. Subtracting your weight from the total will determine the goat’s weight. Figuring out how to weigh a sheep or a goat is easy if you can measure the animal's body length and girth. 17 Sheep & Goat Research Journal, Volume 28, 2013 - December ©2013, Sheep & Goat Research Journal Table 1. Then weigh yourself alone and subtract the difference to get the goat's weight. Thanks again! Sheep and Goat Weight Jul 26, 2019. Slaughter age / weight help Discussion in 'Meat Market' started by LoweBow, Jan 14, 2013. Unless you are a commercial sheep farmer, you probably do not own a livestock scale to weigh your sheep, goats, lambs or kids. There are two ways to weigh before giving any medication. Sirohi goat weight chart can be detailed here.
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