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RETURN POLICY Return shipping paid by: Buyer Item must be returned within: 30 Days The BFT-1 turbocharger is an excellent replacement turbo for your CAT diesel Semi truck. This kit converts C15 ACERT Engines from 18.2:1 down to 16:1 Compression Ratio. IPD inframe rebuild kit . To be honest, the MXS Twin Turbo engine cannot be converted to a single turbo engine. Quantity. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. 1. (03-28-2016, 08:54 AM) jagee573 Wrote: I have a CAT in the shop right now that is getting an in-frame. We are proud to be first tuning service that can do the CT13 & CT15 CAT engines - ONLINE! This kit will simplify your engine and let you get back to driving. Off-highway tunes (DPF-EGR- CGI-DEF- UREA-VGT- VNT… deletes) and Emulators are intended SOLELY for off-road use and in competition only, and they are not to be used on public roads or highways. Turbocharger fit CAT C13 Twin Turbo (compatible with Caterpillar C13 Twin Turbo) $900.00. 643920 Caterpillar C13 Single Turbo Conversion Kit, New ABOUT THE SELLER In 1997 Quality Parts begins operations in the United States in the sale of spare parts for construction machinery. The Caterpillar turbo will include a turbine, compressor, and an intercooler. Description. C15 accert 18:1cr to 16:1cr inframe kit. 2. This kit replaces the factory compound turbo system with either an S300 or S400 Borg Warner turbo. Purchase Bully Dog BFT-1 Turbo for Caterpillar Diesel. They run awesome. The reason it cannot is because the MXS engine needs up to 50+ psi boost to operate correctly. Next. Engine Rebuild Kit Identification; Contact US; Blog; FAQ's; Search; Search Search Criteria The kit was designed for installation in a MkIV Toyota Supra, but as you'll see below it can be modified to fit a Soarer. I installed both and found the single much easier to deal with. First of all turbo … Then give Mr. Haney a call or bullydog. Twin to Single Turbocharger Conversion Kits for 2004 through 2007 C15 ACERT Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freightliner, and International applications. Cat Man , Caterpillar … We have used this kit in lots of different applications and have had awesome success with it. Please let me know if you need more help or have more questions. It was designed to be used by those who are converting from a twin turbo setup down to a single turbo, as well as those who plan to keep both turbos and build a higher horsepower engine. Quantity. ECM 70 Pin. I wish it could be. Hey call PDI out in st george utah. Add to Cart. They are top of the line and they well make your twin turbo cat run and get fuel milage to. JM Turbo Compatible with CAT C15 3406E 3406C Turbo Up to 500HP 3.6 out of 5 stars 4. The ECM was left stock and the kit included a box from Agricultural Diesel Solutions to modify the timing, fuel, and boost to work with the single turbo. Not sure where you got the numbers for of $13k vs $5k. (Pre DPF) I installed Area Diesel Service's single turbo conversion kit. Add To Cart Wish List. Single Turbo Conversion Kit for Peterbilt C-13 Acert 2004.5 - 2007 Package Includes: CAT C12 Stage 1 Turbo Part # 716601 Original Price: $1500.00 Big Boss CAT C13 Exhaust Manifold Part # 3470 Original Price $1450.00 CAT C12 Install Kit Part # 3470K-1 Original Price $1075.00 Exhaust Downpipe Part … This kit can be customized to meet your needs so please feel free to contact us for help. Buy Now. Quantity. ... 5EK Performance Kit : 6NZ Performance Kit: B & C Model Performance Kit : $4199.00. $579.00. Onsite full Tandem and Triaxial Dyno, vehicle … The kit required me to back off the VVA's, however not very clear instructions. I ran the MMP stage 3s and now I have a 6266 single turbo kit. 1st test drive accert conversion Caterpillar C-15 Acert Twin to Single Turbo Conversion Kit 2004-2007 Peterbuilt, Kenworth, Freightliner, International Improved Fuel Economy Increased. The engine is currently 475hp and will most likely stay there. Also, the twin turbo power is needed for a more robust lower end power recovery. The customer wants to get rid of the twin turbos and put on a 6NZ turbo and manifold. Sorry. ATL Diesel offers C15 twin turbo to single turbo parts and components, as well as IPD & PAI inframe kits, basic conversion kits, valve bridges, conversion turbos, and anything else that you might need to get the job done. $1,899.00. $5949.00. Power gains and "drivability" will entirely depend on the turbo chosen, as well as what other mods are done to the truck. This engine rebuild kit contains single piece, welded steel design piston number 346615. 07 379 Pete,C15 625HP,18 speed,8" stacks with Rod Pickett Y-pipe,Super 40 rears 3:58's Has to be a reliable everyday truck. The following items are the base necessary replacement parts for the conversion. Fitting a Single Turbo This tutorial will walk you the through the conversion of a Soarer twin turbo engine to a larger single turbo operation, using a Boostlogic and Vortex Single Turbo Kit. The twin turbo engines make boost up to 55 psi at times and a single turbo just cannot make that much. Have them replace all the studs. $4199.00. I used to have 06 pete 550hp diidnt run worth a crap was getting 4 to 4.5 mpg I took it to one of there shops. Most just don't understand the airflow that the big chargers provide that would be useless as a single, for the C13 the big turbo is a GT50, just happens to be the same size as what comes factory as a single on the C16s, and we know how the GT55s do as singles. In a short time the company experiencing significant growth. We are able to provide Twin Turbo to Single Turbo conversion tunes as well. Categories. Big Rig Power is a full-service garage and custom tuning shop for heavy-duty diesel engines in Edmonton, AB Canada. Quantity. 4. A single turbo will not be able to accomplish this. Lots of guys on here are very happy with their acerts afterwards. Though the EGR, or exhaust gas recirculation, system has good intentions, the fact remains that this component can do more harm than good to Caterpillar diesel engines. C13 Single Turbo Conversion Kit: Cat C15 Single Turbo Conversion Kit: $6995.00. Some 2WS's with them. Buy Now. This kit can be configured in Many ways, between S300 and S400 Turbos, the options are almost endless! Ambient air is pulled into the compressor where, much like the name says, it gets compressed. Quantity. Only 18 left in stock - order soon. VVA + TWIN TURBO to SINGLE TURBO conversion Disclaimer: This page contains services capable of disabling emissions equipment. CAT C13/C15 Single Turbo Conversion Flyer M11 Cummins Replacement Turbo Flyer And if ran it right and kept it around that 67 i could get over 6mpg. Converting it to a single turbo is a waste of money imo. Basic Conversion kit with IPD rebuild kit. Performance and Single Turbo Conversion Kits. Plus you can sell your cores and other extra stuff that twin specific. SKU #: Bul-56250 Bully Dog BFT-1 Turbo for Caterpillar Diesel. 2006 Caterpillar C15 Twin Turbos: A 2 Million Miles Retro Engine. Less lag for the similar power gain, but there's still the cost to think about. We recommend this kit if you are taking a twin turbo C15 and converting it back to a single turbo engine. This kit can be used by customers looking to convert from a twin turbo setup to a single turbo, as well as those who would like to run twin turbo with a lower compression piston. For info on CAT C13/C15 single turbo conversion kits, download our handy file. Smaller turbos in a twin turbo kit can also make very similar power as a larger single turbo. Each of our components is made from quality materials ensuring the longevity of each piece. Like someone else mentioned, it … In all honesty the only reason I see to truely convert a ACERT over to a single turbo would be if you are having constant trouble with the IVA systems. What parts would you guys recommend for a 550-600hp? 2001-2004 LB7 Duramax S400 Single Turbo Install Kit (0) Reviews: Write first review. Caterpillar EGR Delete . Take your truck to a reputable shop and get your low boost problem straightened out. I have a 2007 379 Pete with the C13 Acert. If I do the conversion I was planning on using the Acert 625 injectors modified by Far Call, 70 pin ecm (Haney tune), 1000hp marine cam, industrial cylinder pack's and keeping the twin turbo set up. The mileage and horsepower gains can be gained with a lot less money of you research a PDI tune or Bully Dog downloader and few other simple fixes. Here is Cougar Caterpillar C15 single turbo conversion kit. We also have options for monitors / tuners to help with efficiency. Caterpillar (6) Conversion Kits (5) Exhaust Manifolds For Cat (8) Tuners and Monitoring (3) Turbo Chargers (4) Cummins (6) Intake Manifolds for Cummins (3) Exhaust Manifolds For Cummins (4) Tuners and Gauges (4) Detroit (2) The compressed air is now hot and high-density air this will then flow through the intercooler that will remove the heat from it. $7,583.00 Price. NON VVA NON VVA & Twin To Single Calibration 1 - 3 mpg in fuel savings NON GCI & DPF Calibration 1 - 1.5 mpg in fuel savings NON CGI, DPF & Twin To Single Calibration 1.5 - … Your solution is here! Most common truck brands powers by CAT engines are Kenworth - Peterbilt - Western Star. CAT Calibrations 3126E 3176B 3406E C7 C9 C10 C12 C13 C15 C18 C30 C32 Calibrations UPRATE STAGE 1, 2, or 3. Fitting to the name, the EGR recirculates exhaust emissions back into the engine through the air intakes. 3. Each turbo only needs the exhaust from 4 cylinders to spool it, so they are able to spool much faster than a single kit. Description: Caterpillar C-15 Acert With DPF Twin to Single Turbo Conversion Kit 2008-2010 Peterbuilt, Kenworth,With SDP Code Item #: C15-Single-2 Condition: New Exhaust Manifold & Exhaust manifold hardware kit. Standard Turbo with turbo hardware. We do that a lot, friend had a set on a 3406B. + Improved Fuel Economy +Increased Reliability + Reduced Maintenance + Longer Engine Life + Faster Spool-Up + Cooler Operation
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