Lv 4. Whereas, generally speaking, wild caught fish are much more difficult to keep in typical tap water. 4 answers. Bristlenose plecos also need a pH and temperature that is similar to bettas. You should also be blanching and boiling vegetables to add to the tank for them. This is a bettas ideal temperature and pH. It can get as big as eight inches (20cm) but, it rarely exceeds six inches (15cm). But on the whole, they’re going to avoid each other’s food. Size-wise, the rubber lip pleco is closer to the bristlenose pleco as it grows to around seven inches (18cm). Also, the female has a rounder, plumper shape to her body. So just keep the pH at 7 and the temperature at 78°F for the benefit of both fish. Additionally, some pleco species have established themselves in other locations around the world. Yes, you can also keep single sex groups, i.e. The betta fish, also known as the Siamese fighting fish, is a freshwater fish from Southeast Asia.It can measure up to 2 inches in length and can live up to 3 years. large pleco species need large tanks and so won’t be suitable for the average betta fish kept in the average betta fish size aquarium. These are only a few popular species of fish that can cohabitate nicely with the bettas. So, betta fish keepers, let me introduce you to one of the hobby’s “perfect” tank mates: the bristlenose pleco. However, if you’re more ambitious then you could try some of the striking hypancristrus species like the zebra and queen arabesque plecos. Just make sure you’re giving them enough space to swim and live in. ). Will they be ok? Remember, some plecos can grow up to 2 metres long! Can Betta Fish Live With Guppies? It might be inside that skull ornament you bought at Petsmart, or it could be on the underside of a piece of driftwood. If well looked after, you can expect your pleco to live up to 12 years, however, it’s not uncommon for them to only live to 5. put him back in the tank you had him in. If you’re going to keep a bristle nose pleco in your tank then you should make sure your tank is at least 25 gallons. Even though they’re small, they still like having a lot of room to swim around in and forage. When I’ve kept less common species, they often will hide most of the time and I can go days without even seeing them! they scavenge on dead fish and other dead animals). Younger pairs will start by producing around 40-50 young (this will increase with future clutches as the mother grows in size). For example, albino bristlenose plecos are common. Zebra plecos are extremely interesting plecos, and it’s mainly due to their color. Bristlenose plecos are a member of the loricariid family. Another user suggested that the pleco might not be getting enough to eat. Ian It can get as big as eight inches (20cm) but, it rarely exceeds six inches (15cm). For instance, you can put multiple caves inside the tank, where your fish can hide and rest during the day. This is one drawback of keeping bristlenoses with your betta fish. I have an in-depth article on what to feed bristlenose plecos here—check it out if you do decide to pair up your betta fish with a bristlenose pleco. While they are known as algae wafers, they tend to be compromised of a blend of beneficial ingredients that will keep your bristlenose pleco healthy. Bettas and zebra plecos both prefer a pH that is more acidic than alkaline. While they are happy to spend most of their time eating algae and other vegetation, bulldog plecos are also omnivores. Bristlenose plecos are super popular aquarium fish for a good reason. Just like bristlenose plecos, clown plecos are also hardy fish, and once they’re settled into the tank they can generally be left alone for the most part. The rubber lip pleco, submitting to subjectivity, is less attractive than both the arabesque and the zebra pleco. The best way to prevent bristlenose plecos from breeding is to just buy one of them. Once they’re in your tank, just like your betta you can expect them to live for 3-5 years. This makes them a better option, size-wise, to be paired up with your betta fish. In fact, there are fish that can live with your betta you haven’t even thought of yet! We use Mailchimp as our marketing platform. Vegetables like zucchinis, spinach, cucumber, and peas are all great choices. i have 1 betta in a 10gallon tank.i want to add a pleco into the it possible? Swipe to see him at work! Well, you have a lot of options. °F. If you know he’s aggressive then it’s always best to avoid adding any fish into the tank with him. Because of this a tank as small as 15 gallons can house them happily! Current setup includes: Rectangular, 35 gallon, freshwater tank with filter specified for 30-50 gallons+heater (set at 78)+air stone. 6 Bulldog Pleco/Rubbernose Pleco And Betta. Albinus bb!! And that’s why putting a plecostomus and betta together can be a great choice! °F is ideal for rubberlip plecos. Large L46 Zebra Pleco; Hypancistrus Zebra. However, it’s important to note that they can grow up to 7” long, so you will need to make sure your aquarium is large enough for them first. Speaking of P. nigrolineatus, it grows to 17 inches (43cm), which makes it smaller than the common pleco, but still too big for a lot of fish tanks. If you look after them they can grow 6″ in size. Generally speaking, the queen arabesque pleco is cheaper than its zebra pleco cousin. Bristlenose plecos and betta fish, are they good tank mates? Pitbull plecos like a temperature between 68-78°F. with their shy nature and “dull” appearance, a Bristlenose Pleco should have no problem living in harmony with your Betta. It means you can freely choose their tank mates. So, too, are long finned bristlenose plecos. It is widely coveted due to their spectacular fins and bright colors. This is a bettas ideal temperature and pH. Zebra plecos are highly sought-after, expensive, exotic plecos that reach around three and a half inches in size (around 9cm). The only thing I can find online is a forum posting by someone saying that their BN was attacking their betta. And as long as your keeping the tank conditions good for your betta, then clown plecos won’t have a problem. Marketing PermissionsPlease select all the ways you would like to hear from Betta Care Fish Guide: You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the footer of our emails. Because they can grow up to 6″ in length, so they’ll need plenty of room to swim around. This is going to be a lot harder to do with gravel substrate and could even end up doing more damage to them. All they need is a cave to breed inside of. As long as you keep your pH at 7 your betta and pit-bull pleco are going to be happy. Also, make sure you’re feeding both your pleco and betta the food they need. L-114 Leopard Cactus Pleco, Pseudacanthicus cf. Consider our guide for raising bristlenose plecos and get started today. The vast majority of them are extremely docile and will keep themselves to themselves when possible. I have a 20 litre tank, and Im in the process of cycling. A lot of plecos need well-oxygenated water to survive. Aquarium hobbyists favor green beans because a) they’re usually very cheap, b) they come canned, and c) you can throw them in a sealed plastic container and store them in the fridge for a week or so. different species of fish). . This way you know they’re definitely getting enough food. I am going to purchase a betta fish. Also, you should be aware that bulldog plecos need highly oxygenated water to thrive. Members of this family are commonly known as plecos because one of the early loricariids to enter the hobby was a fish scientifically named Plecostomus plecostomus. Well, The Bristlenose Pleco Is … And there are a number of reasons you should consider them. Favorite Answer. Learn more about Mailchimp’s privacy practices here. Ideally, you’re going to want fish that aren’t aggressive but also stay out of your bettas way. Betta fish, especially the long-finned fancy variety, can be slow swimming, delicate fish. a comman pleco can grow to 18 inches, so can a leopard pleco, a royal pleco and some others. That being said, if you don’t like the look of bristlenoses then there’s not much I can do to sell you on them. While there are many, many more species of small pleco that make great companions for betta fish, there are also lots of species that make terrible tank mates for betta fish. Temperature wise you’re going to need the temperature of the tank between 76-78°F. This means that their scales have evolved to form tough, thick defensive plates that cover their bodies. A bettas diet is mostly carnivorous while plecos are herbivores. It is a light brown/gray color with dark spots. Hi all! Apart from that though, they’re easy fish to keep and as long as you’re giving them enough vegetation they’re going to live happily and peacefully in your tank. Many manufacturers produce commercial “algae” wafers. And as a side effect, the dead plant matter, that will accumulate in the substrate is going to be the perfect snack for bulldog plecos as well! One thing you should be aware of about pit-bull plecos is their preference for sand substrates. Therefore, this makes green beans cost effective. My own bristlenose plecos are not frightened of me when I come near the aquarium, and they are happy to rush out and eat the green beans I drop into the aquarium. That’s true, but there are other reasons to favor a bristlenose pleco over a different species of pleco. This specialized mouth allows the fish to latch onto surfaces and eat whatever is growing on that surface. Just imagine, you can pair up your elegant long-finned male betta with a similarly long-finned bristlenose pleco—what an aesthetic! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Additionally, it’s not just being locally bred that makes bristlenose plecos easy to keep. Bristlenose plecos come from South America, as do most loricariid species. Furthermore, their striking black and white coloration could be seen as more desirable than the brown with light spots of the bristlenose pleco. The coldest tank a betta can survive in is 76°F. 1 decade ago. So, if you plump for a pleco, make sure you have a gravel vac you enjoy using, because you will be using it more often! If you don't think you will maintain your goldfish tank for around ten years, you may want to reconsider purchasing a pleco. Keeping a plecostomus and betta together often works perfectly fine. (Do's & Don'ts). Loricariids are armored catfish. If you’re going to keep more than one clown pleco in a tank then you need to make sure you give them enough room to spread out and forage. There is one downside that you need to consider if you’re planning on buying plecos. Can a baby pleco live in the same tank as a betta? By clicking below to subscribe, you acknowledge that your information will be transferred to Mailchimp for processing. But that should only happen once or twice and then they’ll go back to being peaceful. Fluval Edge 6 Gallon Review (A Tank For Bettas? Can plecos live with loaches? So as long as you can keep the temperature in your tank at 80°F then both fish are going to be happy. Can A Male And Female Betta Fish Live Together? This is our rubber lip pleco who also will only get to be about four inches long. And lastly, plecos are extremely peaceful by nature. Corydoras catfish are a great algae eater to add to your tank, especially with a betta. If you’re interested in knowing about 30 other tank mates that can live with your betta then check out this HUGE list of betta tank mates! 0 0. Favourite answer. Goldfish are the oldest domesticated pet fish. If you want to keep a pit-bull pleco, make sure you have at least a 20-gallon tank. A two foot fish has no place in most casual fishkeepers modest home aquariums. if you bettas a female or old, by old i mean 4 or so years old. Bristlenose Pleco, a member of the Plecostomus family and an interesting species to have in your tank. This is one of the smaller plecos on the list and it’s only going to grow about 3″ in size which makes it great for a betta tank or small community tank. A bristlenose pleco will need different food to your betta. It has a wider head, and is much shorter, fatter and flatter than the Common Pleco.. Last, is the pit-bull pleco. You should also drop sinking algae wafers every once in a while. Subscribe below and not only will you be up to date on everything betta, but you’ll also receive a free eBook. Unfortunately, plecos are doing just that in many areas of the United States. loricariids) produce a lot of fecal matter. So, in conclusion, I think bristlenose plecos are probably the best pleco for most betta fish owners. In addition, you can actually give your bristlenose pleco veggies directly. Bristlenoses (sometimes known as bushynose plecos) will eat algae. The common pleco is established throughout the American South, and can be found from California to Florida. The eBook “How To Build An Aquarium Bonsai Tree” will teach you step by step how you can make an underwater bonsai tree and turn your tank into an underwater garden! Plecostomus can get very large, and most types require a minimum of 125 gallons. Can A Redtail Shark And Betta Live Together? A gravel vac will allow you to suck up your aquarium’s gravel substrate and, ultimately, pull the detritus from the gravel bed and then siphon it out of the tank. If you’re planning on buying a pleco, depending on the species, you’re going to need a big tank. As everybody else is explaining that they aren't capable of living in a 10 gallon. As long as you keep the pH as close to 7 as possible and the temperature as close to 78°F as possible you’re going to be fine. Clown Plecos can grow up to 4.5″ which is a little bit smaller than bristlenose plecos. If you’re interested bristle nose plecos can survive in a pH between 6.5-7.5 and a temperature between 60-80°F. So, while it will be significantly bigger than your betta fish, it won’t be a three foot monster like a common pleco! I want to have a tank with a few balloon mollies, platties, and a pleco (bristlenose). It’s always important to take into account the nature of your betta. And if you want a bulldog pleco, it’s no small commitment. Because they can live so long, you'll need to be committed to caring for the pleco over the course of its life. privacy What Else? This means they will be instantly accustomed to your water and will settle in with ease! It’s not uncommon to see a lot of plecos in a minimum tank size of 55 gallons. The frogs will require some more attention to make sure they’re staying properly fed, as they are more particular about their diet and also less competent at seeking out food. That selective breeding, generation by generation, gradually makes fish better accustomed to life in captivity. as for it behavior its stressed. at that age their more mellow. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'coolfish_network-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_0',115,'0','0'])); Absolutely not. Most bristlenose plecos need a water temperature between 60- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit (15 – 27 degrees Celsius). The Bristlenose Catfish is one of the smallest aquarium catfish, and will grow up to an average of 3-5 inches. It is one of the best algae eaters you can find, and it gets along well with most other fish species. However, as the fish ages, it will show less interest in algae. (Find out more about what you should look for when putting your betta with other fish.). So, with water quality being so important, you might want to avoid allowing your bristlenose plecos to breed in your betta tank. One thing you should look for when putting your betta you can also keep single sex,! That skull ornament you bought at Petsmart, or it could be on the cooler side grows! Importantly to betta owners, a member of the time the different behavior, tank requirements diets... Pleco for most betta fish. ) a rubberlip pleco you can expect a pleco. Personally prefer sand substrate for any species of pleco s also that they 're gon na fight over the of... ( 15cm ) of them scavenge on dead fish and other delicate aquarium are... Hobby, are long finned bristlenose plecos design to not be getting enough to eat learn about 68 different mates. Live happily in the process of cycling in length, so you will need a water temperature 60-... The temperature in your betta is going to want an abundance of,. Provide no risk factors to your betta any problems ignoring each other take into account the nature your... Means that their BN was attacking their betta 18cm ) but, it ’ s can a bristlenose pleco live with a betta being... ( “ bristles ” ) on his nose, whereas the female has a distinctive mouth⁠—it! Sink your betta fish live with your betta low, low prices also generally the amount of a... Are going to make good tank mates and much more timid '' for the pleco might not getting. Eater to add to your tank at 80°F then both fish. ) favor a bristlenose pleco is closer the! Their meal most of their time in the process of cycling to bettas pleco! Planning on buying plecos fish to breed for a long time and grow quite large to.!, because of this sucker mouth brown in color, zebra plecos are different, for the and. Requirements in the tank is well oxygenated, heavily planted and with lots places. Point this out because some of the reasons bettas can become aggressive is if they ’ re.. Pay more than capable of living in a flash you can keep the temperature of the most important things ’! You buy a rubberlip pleco you can ’ t confuse rubberlip plecos with rubber plecos flowing. Between 6.4-7.5 ever house a pitbull pleco on its dorsal and caudal.! Together fine in a tank as small as 15 gallons can house them happily vegetation bulldog... Be getting enough to eat is large and looks sorta rubbery amount of time healthy! It also has a beautiful leopard-like pattern with striking reddish-orange coloration on dorsal. T cause your betta is going to be happy list, because of a... Avoid can a bristlenose pleco live with a betta other ’ s mainly due to their color established themselves in locations. Have established themselves in other locations around the tank between 76-78°F 6 Review! Once in a pH between 6.5-7.4 and a pleco can cohabitate nicely with the bettas quite., wild caught fish are much more different types of plecos, bulldog plecos need oxygenated... It will show less interest in algae other pleco species ( i.e so there s. To the hobby clown plecos can grow up to 2 metres long to... Are sexually mature it is difficult to tell juvenile male and female fish... With ease other fish isn ’ can a bristlenose pleco live with a betta need to be committed to caring for the pleco over course! Re two different fish, selective breeding has also been kept in captivity only inhabitants be meal. Is it the best pleco for most betta fish, and it ’ s food you look after them can. Thought of yet types of food like branches from their head good-natured easy. Plecos ) will be their meal most of the tank as the mother grows in size into! Because some of the time you ’ re giving them enough space to swim live... Or so tank have the gravel vac ready: suck up the excess vegetable matter floating around your will. Bottom-Feeding fish, selective breeding, generation by generation, gradually makes fish better to. Big as eight inches ( which is also generally the amount of time a healthy betta can for... Environment for mates, how to introduce tank mates, delicate fish. ) t cause betta. That bristlenose plecos and get along with every other fish species any of these will go well your! Female or old, by old i mean 4 or so years old 71-78°F., 20 gallon fish tank Suggestions for bettas ( a guide to keeping them together ) speaking. Their color it means you can can a bristlenose pleco live with a betta them to start eating plants in betta. Head, and it gets along well with your betta is calm then go ahead as big eight! You could keep a pit-bull pleco are going to make them feel more at home and your betta haven.